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The Master Debaters took the Stage last Night to talk turkey With Policies on Medicare for all, (Boom!) Taxing the wealthy, Green New Deal and more This isn’t about “optics”, zingers, or fighting. It IS about who Offers the BEST policy’s, Ideas & ways under our current shit partisan system to enact them all. That’s […]

The numbers, are “Growing” at EXCEPTIONAL rates. What was just 107 Yesterday, is now at (In-Orangement) 114 & rapidly Growing. The number they will need is 119; Meaning They’ll be the Majority of The Majority. Ooooooooooops. This is Bad news for Orange Racist Fuck Stick. Well, It is about Damn Time! This overt Racist hate […]

Trump is massively racist. He’s ignorance, hate, immorality, sociopathic indifference, mixed with (True) limitless lies. In every racist attack (Not speakin to “Specific Policy”, But to RACE ALONE Ignoring reality) he “uses” the Word “infestation” for only one reason. To dehumanize. What he’s saying is not remotely true; but racists don’t live In reality If […]

As the rest of rational, sane, society grasps What Mueller ‘Factually Said’ Yesterday, we (Just Facts) have A Smaller Sect in R’s & FOX trying to spin what actually happened. Ha ha ha ha! Good luck with That. And we also have the news Jeffery “Rapist” Epstein was found in his cell semiconscious in the […]

For ANY one in the media talking about “optics” Or “How Mueller Visibly Looked in The Morning (No shit) session” can take their Reality TV Bachelor rose Insanity & shove it Directly up their goofy asses The key, Irrefutable Facts That Happened today: -All Three of the Elements for Obstruction Were Met -Trump can be […]

Bore-Us PM & Racist Crew…

July 23rd, 2019

In England Boris Johnson, AKA “The Mop Topped Raw Hotdog” was just elected PM (Lies Bus) That means he’s only in there to get a No Deal Hard Brexit. Only problem is they all already TRIED That Before. Talk About A) Stupid or B) Stubborn, or C) Both. Ya see the ENTIRE reason they were […]

Yes, it’s a Magic Monday folks and that means buckle up your fannies, cause the Orange One (Yes it is!) is about have the worst week of his life. Which is news to the ears of all people who value any shred Of Justice, Humanity, Compassion and A smidgen of love. Mueller is Comin’ to […]

As the Racist Orange Asshole keeps spewing toxic racist Hate; his close Pal Liaison who worked with (Ooooops) his transition team/The Saudi’s/and The Russians just got arrested last month for childporn. Yes ya read It right. George Nader, the Guy who Appears at Least 100 Times In The Mueller Report Not only had Kiddie Porn […]

We Have Republicans Openly Saying “Yes, I will still support A “Racist” for President, so what?!?” (<-Bigot Ass) As Republicans, ALL But 4, keep both defending and supporting Trumps racism……shit got worse We have A literal Nuremberg rally with Immoral vile Racist assholes chanting “Send her back!” & of course they are All Referring to […]

CONway & Flight Risk…

July 17th, 2019

While “Forgotten Vampire Idiot Son”, Eric Trump is peddling his best “impression of (Mirror Mirror!) racist Daddy”; Kellyanne Conway is Doing her Impression of an immoral asshole shit in Avoiding hard questions attackin others In fairness Eric Trump’s 95% bullshit….the other 5% is catshit. ZING! The reason that Kellyanne Conway attacked the reporter is very […]

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