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In What can only be Called the biggest lay down since a dog Licked it’s own balls Rod (Indulgent!) Rosenstein Was Either Fired/Quit/Ran. It clearly signifies his purpose was served & it Doesn’t End ANY legal Problems For the Orange assbucket. Think of this “act” as a compromised guy sprinting from a burnin’ building; he […]

Everyone Hates Trump…

April 29th, 2019

After Another racist Nazi Trumper Shot up a Jewish Synagogue (Murdering 1 & Left 3 (Another Horror!) others Injured) the Entire Country Is Done with this hate. It is Over. Today is that day that racists Feared. No more division, & no more Violence. Avengers Assemble. And, it doesn’t end well for Racists. America, FOX, […]

Avengers Assemble!

April 26th, 2019

It’s finally here. This film will be the best, most loved, Highest Grossing film, In the (Bring it!) history of Cinema. Period. Hearts Will Be bursting from pure Joy all over the world at this amazing visual ride. Wait, I am so underselling this, Right?!?! Meh, it will be OK, Maybe (Rolls eyes). Savor this […]

As we already knew was coming, now Joe Biden Is “Running” for POTUS. He is about as “Establishment” as you get. He’ll either have to run on progressive policies & fuck over progressive voters once in office and is very “likely 2 win”. Joe Right now is the Entire Establishment “Pushing Back”, And that means […]

Dumbfuck Donny Is Done…

April 24th, 2019

As his pals all decided to IGNORE Congress the legal Problems will pile up like the trash (Good news!) on Homer Simpsons Lawn when He Fucked with The “Trash Removal” Guys in Trash Of Titans. Kline, Fucked. Mnuchin, Fucked. Oh & Trump/Barr….super Disco fucked! Yes ya read that right. Barr is now openly doing an […]

So a Quickly Growing choir want Impeachment And they are ALL “Yelling” It from the Rooftops (Indeed!) As any rational person After the Mueller Report knows, orange asshole broke the law. This isn’t in Question at All. Obstruction. Aiding Russians interfering in Our Election and MORE. Now, this is more of a Political Question than […]

Checkmate. I’m Calling the time of Death for this Anus Orange Pile Of Shit. It’s over, done, (<-Nick Anderson Art) toast, finished, Foiled, Ruined, dead, broken, destroyed, Washed-up, vanquished, doomed, undone, cooked, kaput, sunk, wrecked, gone He just tried 2 “sue congress” over his taxes being released to them. Ha Ha HA HA HA HA […]

R’s “Lying”, About The Mueller Report, Won’t win. This isn’t a political fight; it’s a legal one (<-Partisan BS) As Trump & His entire Crew of lying Partisan fuckabouts, Continue their Lies, ignoring the specific Facts In the ‘Report’ & trying bad PR tours….Reality is catching up to them at light speed. Congress, specifically the […]

Likely the ONLY “truthful” thing Orange Fuck Hole has ever stated. He also concluded that (Oooops) with “I’m fucked!”. Yes, yes you are. Even a “Redacted” pro-partisan-PR-puffpiece pile of shit was DAMNING. William Barr today just “ended” his Career. In a day that was really supposed to be about Mueller/Report; it was now about Barr […]

Yes, you read that Correctly. On Friday, Congress will legally ensure they see the entire unredacted (Tick tock!) Mueller Report. No amount of Running, Hiding or cheating will Stop this. Tomorrow Could be A Big “Preview”, Or Just A Partisan Pile Of Barr Bullshit intentionally trying to Redact Damning Facts and evidence. Even with Barr […]

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