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Well, The Biden Administration Will now just look at their Student Loan (Remember that?) forgiveness Promise They all made while Running for office. Ol’ Joey is now Coming around On it after also knowin his promise of federal loans have been made good. Not a single Dime has been asked to be paid for those […]

How many Republicans are on Putin’s Payroll FFS?!? Well We (Whoaaaa!) Can Add Rand Paul to that list now. So he decided to publicly to Side with Putin. Ooooooops Enough of this shit from these traitors. Paul tried this Lunacy: “You could also argue the countries they’ve attacked were part of Russia” No, Blinken Firmly […]

“Sedition McGee” Madison Nazi Boy was just busted tryin to take a gun (Busted!) through the airport Security Check point….AGAIN! Jeeeeeez, they got tiny Dicks & all love to be Criminal felons. Charge This Child Before it gets Worse. They Are lawless fools looking To Push The Boundaries of Decent, Civil Society. Enough Of It […]

France just told the entire world “No!” to Right Wing fascist Hate <-Nazi loser twins) Le Penn/”Racist Hate merchant” Le Lost gettin’ Her Ignorant ass kicked By a whooping 16 points The Entire Globe, Are All Saying “No More!” to this Lunacy. Stick a Fork in Fascist Hate. It is Over No More Of This […]

What if I told you that all the R’s In Congress hated TFG but then (He KNEW!) “changed their minds” when All faced With No More Power?! Ha Kevin McBullshitter, Is ‘On Tape’ saying everything he never said Publicly. Ooooops. And Now the Jan 6th Loving Maga R’s Will all Pounce On His Corpse. They […]

Republican’s offer No “Policies”, only racist hate, grievance lies & revenge (We Know) Turns out not Only Are they at War With Disney; they’re directly trying To Attack “Voters” With Taxes. Ha!! Good luck “Selling” that lunacy you clods. “Hate & Revenge” Aren’t any Policies to Help society. So they are basically screaming to Voters […]

Republican’s today Don’t live In reality. In fact, most of them all (<-Idiots) know They Are Not a “National” Political Party anymore. So The next step is include a dead guy & White Guy On a “News Show” (It’s not News, It’s propaganda) When Trying to Show key Black Republicans. Ha!! Voters Know the GQP’s […]

As the Entire Republican Party Does Its Best “Collapsing Act” Before Our (Tan Nuggets?) Very Eyes; we have others who are vying For Attention as Well. MTG Is in Trouble As Courts allow an effort 2 have her removed from the ballot to proceed. All while Cucker Tarlson is Play Acting at macho, which is […]

It seems the far reichwing racist hate merchant Alex Jones InfoWars is now (<-Fucked!) trying the Ol “Oh, I Filed For Chapter 11 so u can’t collect your trial Money we owe you after losing” scam. Uh it, Won’t, Work. These Ass morons think they’re the “1st ones” to ever Just try Hiding their $ […]

To every, single, idiotic, sack of shit who said “Oh, Republican’s (Indeed) won’t try to Ban Abortion”; you can Gladly Fuck off to the outer Limits. Oklahoma, Kentucky, & now Florida’s “Fascists” are the doing Just That. And this won’t Stand. Legally It’s Now Roberts ‘Court’. Amy Coney Barret’ll BE what Happens. Period. You can […]

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