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Lie Machine & Attack The FBI…

January 31st, 2018

The “State Of The Union” is “Let’s all lie!” Trump is nothin’ If not predictable and it (The Bullshiters!) will be his eventual undoin. And make no mistake here. The Entire Republican idea here is to “Attack” Both verbally & legally the honor of the FBI. Oooooooooooooops Republicans Are in DEEP Fucking Trouble Almost ALL […]

You will Hear lie after lie after Insane lie tonight. There will literally be No kind of (We Know!) attachment to reality. None. He will lie & make Shit Up, Flub stuff, Not Know basic Facts/Math/Historical Realities and Smile the “Entire” Time As Most All Republicans lap up His Lunacy. Good! They’re now all attached […]

McCabe Attacked By Trump And…

January 29th, 2018

Steps down. These are dark, dangerous times Do Not Worry. The law stands Squarely on the (Gone!) side of Justice. See, the major difference with Nixon, and Trump Is A ‘Grand Jury’ Is Already Impaneled. That Was not the case with Nixon and Mueller Has Already ‘Instructed’ Said Jury to move forward with the charges […]

Dear Republicans, You Should Be VERY worried. Not just a little, but a Lot. And (Oh No!) it not only means the end of Trump but the END of YOU! You did Nothing at all to stop/call out/Correct Trump and you Actually Supported HIM, Every Step Of The Fucking Way. Ooooooooooooooops It’s so bad out […]

With the Democrats Playing super “Cavemen” With DACA, Polling At (Fidots!) 87% of Americans who Approve it Trump And Republicans, Are All in a bad way today. Mueller’s coming fast and now there Senate Judicial Committees are just Second fiddle To The Grand Jury. Kushner really got “spooked” knowing they might release Committee Testimony And […]

The “Gates” Are Open…

January 24th, 2018

Gates just Hired a lawyer Known for his plea Deals with The Feds. Ooooooooops (Rolling Over) So, at 33 was a Nixon Watergate lawyer & The Keating Five. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha No One Except Manafort, Who is Folding faster Than Superman on laundry day is left Standing. Sessions is looking to also […]

The Hound Of Trumperville…

January 23rd, 2018

It’s painfully clear to anyone seeing all the objective Facts That Kusner, Donny Jr and (We Know) finally Trumpy Himself are Next. The game is not just “a foot”, it’s In his mouth and so about To Be Jail and Worse. So the Current FBI Is Threatening to QUIT Due To Partisan ‘Obstruction, Pressure’. WOW! […]

Shutdown “Over”, Maybe…

January 22nd, 2018

Ohhhhh Boy, the Democrats Folded like a Coked up Origami expert. It’s only for (Sucker) 3 weeks, they had to “Trust” McConnell Which’s just Like “trusting” Lucy With A Fucking Football if You’re Charlie Brown The bill Would Extend Funding until Feb 8th…..then we’re right back in the same fucking place. DACA was shelved so […]

Racists. Believe me! A racist lackey he hired named Carl Higbie just Resigned (<-Racist POS) Oh, why is that you ask?!?!?! Well it is all his extensive racist, homophobic & overtly Nazi views. Such a charmer he is…as is Gorka who also has An Arrest warrant Out For Him in Hungry, Sarah Fuckabee Sanders Jeffey […]

This Is Solely About DACA and “Shitholes” and CHIP. They Are Doing This To try and (Always R’S) get Democrats to agree with all horrifically unjust policies they never would. This isn’t bipartisan. It’s Solely PARTISAN & By The Republicans. So what’s in The Budget? Oh, a Fucking Wall, Slashes The Budget killing Off Much […]

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