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Lookout FaceBook, you now have “serious competition” in ReaganBook. By “serious competition” I mean “something (Being a punchline) fun to laugh at forever”. See, all these “patriots” are sick of FaceBook censoring so they’re going to go create their own reality, where only they can censor. Cause, Facebook is run by people who march in […]

Andrew “I’m Against Corruption” Cuomo might be corrupt (“I didn’t use this”) The Democratic governor of New York, “created” this Anti- Corruption Panel. Part of the creation of it was that it could even investigate the governors office for corruption. Except when it actually starts looking at him. He wanted to “Clean Up Albany” by […]

In Political Poker a pair of tits always beats “guns”?! Texas open carry gun advocates started complaining (A compromise?!?!) that “topless protesters” are “ruining” their monthly walks in support of gun rights. They chose to take to social media to call them all “skanky topless libtards” And forget, like tits, there were only two. The […]

Xenophobia KO’d…

July 28th, 2014

The Anti-Immigration activists in the right wing hate chamber (All 1 of them) are “angry”. They decided to do a massive country wide protest How’d that turn out? Like a tiny wet fart in clean white jockeys Much like a NAMBLA meeting near “cops”…no one showed up The: “National Day of Protesting Against Immigration Reform, […]

Tap Dancing Cats…

July 25th, 2014

It’s the wave of the future. Soon the “Rockettes” will (Dancing cats) be out of business. Face it, cats will charge less & be easier to train. The good news?! You can still see the pussy flying on stage. But now it’s just a lot different Have a weekend!

Ahhhh sweet satire. It never goes away or can’t see silly shit in society coming from miles away. So it seems the (Well done) Simpsons saw the “xenophobic hate” of the Republican party today way back in 2009 in episode 441 which was titled “Coming To Homerica”. It is all about “displaced” Ogdenvillians immigrating into […]

There is a thing, and it calls itself a “comedian”. It is not It is really just a sad, tiny, thoughtless, fly buzzing about (Asshole City-population 1) It’s name is Adam Carolla & it’s always going on about it self as if society cares. They are not a serious person and should be treated as […]

What is it with Malaysian air travel these days?!?!?!?! Their stock’s dropping faster than pants at a orgy. MH17 was now (Wreckage horror) “allegedly shot down” right out of the sky while it was flying over Russian & the Ukraine boarder. 298 were killed. Umm It’s not “allegedly”. It happened. It appears at first glance […]

There is a practice from some knuckle dragging, truck nuts swaying, Confederate flag waving git er done red (What a loser) necks called “Rolling Coal”. They take engine soot and shoot it out of the back of their modified trucks. It is a thick pollutant heavy black cloud by anti-environment types like to use to […]

When I order on-line, and it comes to the “shipping” part on my checkout, I’m pissed they don’t offer the “Carrier Pigeon” (Lookin’ gooooood) option. Maybe a bird dressed in a fancy leather “pilot outfit” Or a cool one wearing a little helmet with flames on the side (Avoid the propeller) The only problem is….when […]

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