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Crime, Mime, & Jail Time…

October 27th, 2023

Orange Anus is Legally Fucked There’s no Escape. It is gonna (Bye!) Be one legal nightmare where He’s found Guilty Over & over & over………eventually dying in Jail. That Criminal, Along With all the R’s Who committed the crimes FOR him Deserve It. It Is ‘Just’ T Jr in Mike Johnson Mike is aping TFG […]

A manhunt’s on for a mass shooter & ‘Insane Murderer’ In Maine. This (And deaths!) is Yet ‘Another Day’, another “Mass Shooting” we should not ever have R’s offer no solutions, no ideas, Zip Just sit on hands, shrug & “prayers” Which Don’t Do Jack!! We Must Act Speaking of A reckoning; the newly Elected […]

Meadows Flip & Maga Coup 2…

October 25th, 2023

Orange Asshole is legally done There’s nothing he can “do” or (Didn’t get em) say to change The Legal Facts Meadows ‘flipped’. By the end of this Crap They Will have all flipped Faster Than Gymnasts And in a historically bad move House Republicans all ‘Elected’ (No Shit!) An Election Denying, Abortion rights Hating, proJan […]

Another day, another Orange Asshole Criminal flips. And it (Jail Time!) legally gets worse for the fat ‘Douche Traitor’. Now, Jenna Ellis has tapped Another nail In his legal coffin; within her Guilty Plea she called out his Name. Ooooof. They Will die (Yup!) In ‘Jail’. He & Rudy Are Toast The House R’s / […]

Republican’s, Can, not, govern They Can’t. All They Can Do Is (<-Nothings) Shut down government, or tax cuts or enact hate. That, is, It! The House Remains Without A Speaker. ‘Historic failure’ here & Only R’s / GQP Are To Blame Voters All See IT & R’s are Not Ever Gonna Recover from This (Bye […]

Sidney Powell has plead Guilty to ‘ALL’ 6 Counts & Will Testify (Guilty Pleas!) against the others; ooooooops There’s No Escape From All Of these dire Legal consequences Kraken Karen has All The Dirt on Orange Anus. He’s Goin’ to die in jail. That, is a legal Fact ( More Will Be Flipping & Rolling […]

Gym Jordan Failed, Yet AGAIN This demonstrates R’s All can’t (<-Jan 6th Fraud!) Govern. He Lost “4 More Votes” this time Around. If Gym wants Another Vote, he will lose More If D’s can work with 5 of the 22 No Votes, Jefferies ‘Could’ then Become Speaker. Puttin a temp (<-GQP’ers!) Speaker in won’t Work. […]

That’s It, No More Obstruction or violently tryin’ to Intimidate (“STFU!”) Courts/Juries/ Judges/ Counsel A Judge, Ruled in Favor Of a Lil Narrow ‘Gag Order’ On Orange Asshole. Finally! And we all get that’s he Gonna Violate it in 3… 2…1. It will Lead to Fines & Jail (Yup!) time for “Traitor Jerk”. Book it! […]

Israel will attack Gaza(run by Hamas) And There will Be “Carnage”. Make no (<-Hamas) mistake here; it’s Deserved. Israel’ll be unable 2 rule there. Only a co-op Government Would Work. There Can be NO trace of Hamas. They must all be STOMPED into oblivion. See what Hamas did was blast past a universal (Nor Hamas) […]

There is no Republican Party any More, In America Today. IN Fact, (<-The R’s Today) they only convened today for less than :30. They All can’t govern & Do Not Have ‘Anyone’ For Speaker who Can’t EVER Reach 218 ‘Votes’ Voters Are Livid. R’s Can’t Do any Thing. Nada. Nothing……Zip. Only (Bye!) Shut down, Tax […]

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