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Criminal Contempt & FBI Raid…

October 19th, 2021

Steve Bannon will be charged Tonight W/criminal Contempt (<-Project Much?) The House will vote tonight & will Find him Guilty of such a criminal “Stunt”. And…..Make nomistake thats exactly what it is. They’re in Deep Trouble Defy a subpoena, face all the criminal charges. Play games & ‘win sliver bracelets’ pricks (<-Free Lodging) Oh & […]

Powell Passes & Deposed…

October 18th, 2021

General Colin Powell has “Passed” away at The age of 84. Now, he’s (“Uh, my bad!”) a divisive figure 2 Me about The Whole Iraq WMD’s Thing. But It takes Character To ‘Admit’ A big mistake, & it Was. Aside From it Powell Was a True leader & man of High Moral character. And so […]

Well well we’ve now reached the portion, Of Our Political Program (Wise words) where Maga/Q is being told Not to vote again. Nothin like a shit losing SO badly in Demographic “Voting totals”, shutting the old Monopoly board yelling, “It was all Rigged, taking my board and going home!”. That “Fat Orange turd” Which we […]

Gov Race & Enforcement Time…

October 13th, 2021

The Governors race sounds like some bad Drunken stunt with a (Wrong Race) bunch Of Grown Men Riding on tricycles. But VA has a big race for Gov Happening, So You Pay attention In Every Way. This is election About People who Just Support Jan 6th/Maga & Those who Do Not. We had 4 years […]

Suckering Rubes & Sox Done…

October 12th, 2021

The entire ecosystem over at Fox Noise, is “Do As I lie, not (<-POS) as We Actually Do”. They’re in the “Entertainment for all morons” mode thinking it is funny/Cute. They’re all anti- Vax, While strictly Following vaccination rules in their Tv station. Whatever they’re all Spewing; they’re actually all doing ‘The Exact opposite’ & […]

Subpoenas are Out the door & anyone not abiding by em (Courts!) is Next to be Arrested. Ya’ll better get ready for lil silver ‘bracelets’ Republicans. You are ALL so Disco fucked it’s shocking. Violate The law & face the Criminal charges it is “Pretty Simple Shit” Here (Bingo!) See when you Commit acts Of […]

BS Bluffs & Gametime Baby!

October 7th, 2021

The Entire, ‘Republican Party’ is only one thing: bullshit lies (Done) They hold no policies that the voters “want”, no solutions to any real world problems, and stand firm against democracy itself. So then it’s just bullshit time. With the Debt Ceiling it is Simple: they’re all standing over Piles of Their own $ and […]

TX Shooting & Comeuppance…

October 6th, 2021

Another day….another fucking shooting in America. We have (We Know) tried nothing & we’re all outta ideas. This Nation’s Drowning in guns & We See The Effects of it Every fucking day. Doing ‘Nothing’ isn’t An option. Just enact Sensible, Rational, Gun laws in this Nation Now. Until we Do, Shit Will Just Keep on […]

NYPD Raided & Whistle Blown…

October 5th, 2021

Well, the NYPD was Just raided by The FBI Today. Oooooooops (Busted!) This is deadly serious stuff here that is targeting Corrupt cops & some Directly involved in Jan 6 events/stokin hate. This was a Local For ‘The Police Union Hall’ And The Target is President Ed Mullins. His Racial Hate is Very clear from […]

Aside from every other major platform YouTube has now banned anti-vaxx bs (Banned!) propaganda lies. GOOD; we have laws & ‘Rules’ In society about such horrific lies/propaganda. The damage they do cause to utter “Morons” is limitless, & Ruins Lives. Nope. That will not Stand And, anyone Who has A Problem With it; can go […]

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