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Batshitcrazy Tools & COVIDIOTS…

September 23rd, 2021

Now we have some Republican insane Asshole’s Trying to Play (<-Jagoff’s!) Act A “Decertification” process exists. It, does, NOT. And they Know it. But,┬áTheir “Grift”┬áStill Continues Trying To Sucker IN Chumps. Rudy G & Bannon all Still Have Dire legal shit that’s coming their Way. Playin With (Bye bye!) this stuff “Speeds” All that Up […]

Cruz Crushed & The “Dopes”…

September 22nd, 2021

Turd Cruz Gets ‘Stuffed’ into A tiny locker & seemed to enjoy it. He so (“Last brain cell!”) tried to Ask about Racist Voter ID laws & was Treated to honest real Explanations, & Examples He Did not expect. Ooooooops. Professor ‘Franita Tolson’, Clearly Explained to him how the Laws are Racist & what Their […]

Debt Douchebags & Legal Hell…

September 21st, 2021

It’s no Secret every sittin Republican in office these days is an abject lying (<-Sociopath Prick!) asshole sociopath. And they keep on Proving it, Every Day. Now, Every R will Vote For The US to “Default” on our debt. When ya Want to Ruin the Economy, ‘Elect A Republican’. Hint: Reagan, Black Monday. W Bush, […]

The thing About idiotic Asshole Racist Terrorists; they’re pretty (We Know!) fucking Dumb. And Their “turn out” Was, A Massive Flop. Just like All Of their Hate rallies are See, They’re just Ya’ll Qaeda & Vanilla ISIS. “Same” ‘Ignorant’ religious Violent Hate, but just a different cloud guy. That’s so about it. And as they […]

Monster Must Pay & Finding Out…

September 17th, 2021

The FBI has not only dropped the ball in prosecuting Sexual Abuser (<-Hero’s) Larry Nassar. They All popped it, deflated it, Folded it Up, put it in a drawer then said “No such ball ever Existed”. No, That Will NOT stand. Brave gymnasts all came forward to Call Out His abuse, & point Out The […]

Stone Cold Busted & PROPaganda…

September 16th, 2021

The evil “criminal villain” Rodger “Busted” Stone has been served (<-It’s empty!) It Happened on a “shitty” radio show called “Real Talk” on 93.3 Of Course It DID! What A Turd And, it is All About The Jan 6th Terrorist Attack. He, Like all of them, are “Going Down” Faster than a LIL’ fat drunk […]

Silver Whining & Nicki Mirage…

September 15th, 2021

Gavin Newsome easily fended off a “Recall” Like a Hand Does To A (Told ya, thanks!) tiny pest fly and the entire damn Republican Party Blew Well Over $270 Million On This Stunt. AND they didn’t just lose, they got so hammered due 2 all The Horrific Anti-Vaxx, “ignoring Reality” shit Aside from that, one […]

It Seems, General Miley Cryforus was SO scared about Orange shit (“I got this”) startin a “nuclear war”. Yes you read That correctly. And it really surprises no one. The entire shit played out In real time after Jan 6th. And, ‘Thank Balls’ Miley Did it; the entire world was on edge The Fat Fuck […]

Scrotal Recall & Rudy Ruined…

September 13th, 2021

There’s an ignorant Recall Election in California “tomorrow”. Remember to (“Easy now!”) VOTE! Every vote Counts. And Right now, Gavin Newsome, is “Poised” To “Beat Off” All challengers, by double digits. BOOM! It Only Matters If you vote. This of this As A Scrotal ReCall where it takes “Big Balls” to think ya can “Win” […]

The GQP Death Cult…

September 10th, 2021

The CDC finds that Unvaccinated morons Are 11 Times More Likely (Free Hats!) to contract & DIE from COVID so in “Today’s” “Water is Wet” News Aside from them literally dyin’ at historic Rates; they Are all killin’ themselves To ‘Own the Libs’. Ha Nothin’ dumber than ignoring all Medical Science, in Favor of Pure […]

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