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4 Days, Mo-Joe & VOTE!

October 30th, 2020

We are STILL in a pandemic killing us every day, We Are Still in An Economic Crisis With (No shit!) no jobs to Fill all the Lost Jobs, we still have Racial Injustice / Strife. ALL, While tRump & Republican’s All, Do, NOTHING. In fact, it Is getting so bad They’re running from debates at […]

A Far right-wing Muslim Racist extremist just committed Heinous acts of Domestic (Horror!) Terrorism Against innocent Church goers This hate will not stand. it doesn’t matter Which Religion They Enact Their Murders for. ALL are Wrong. ALL are evil and bad So with only 5 days to go, the Voters are “Turning Out” like NEVER […]

As COVID cases keep spikin with a brand new “daily high”, Orange Asshole and the (Stranded suckers) immoral ‘Sociopathic Republicans’, All Do nothing…the Fat prick machine is holding his “Hate rallies” out IN Cold in states he is way ahead (When he’s going for only 1 NE 2nd Electoral Vote; He, Is fucked). He left […]

In the first real “sham Supreme Court Judge”, Being Sworn In Political Show (Truth!) the Entire Big Massive Majority of the Country Decided, “No, that Is Wrong” In fact tRumps stunt has already has the Makings of Instant Karma. In His last second quest to stir his Voters all it did was turn out the […]

Spiking Again, 8 Days & VOTE!

October 26th, 2020

Cases are All Spiking yet again & Trump/ All Republicans won’t do a Fucking Thing (Bye Bye) about it. Nothing. In Fact, no Aid/Relief, no Pandemic Solutions but they do want to RAM Thru A Supreme Court Pick fast This will hunt them & signals the end of their party, forever. No going back after […]

Douche Debated & Voting…

October 23rd, 2020

Orange Menace “Tried” To Tone It Down For a bit solely because he’s desperate. It didn’t (“Pull My Finger”) stop the attacks, lies or lunacy. In fact shit got Pathetically Weird. TRump Just Looked like a Super Bullshitter, Who was just tired of ‘Slinging’ His Bullshit. It didn’t Stop him, but he did it at […]

Blank Page, No Rage & Stage…

October 22nd, 2020

With just 12 Days to go, Before the Election, a Political Party Daily Doing NOTHING about (<-Lying frauds) a Pandemic & a country in dire need of real leadership to Fix These Issues. Orange Ass is “Walking out” on Reporters, posting their failed bad interview making them look even worse (If that’s Possible) and offering […]

We are in historic times. These are not only NOT Normal. A Pandemic Raging, Economy (Elliot Ness) in turmoil & one political party who’s doing NOTHING About it. They, Do, not, Care, at, all. “Immoral Monsters” Unworthy Of office And in these final weeks, we must turn out the vote showing that “trumpism” is finally […]

We are in the mist of pandemic which is killing 226,000+ citizens so far, A failed (“We don’t care”) economy That’s Working for Billionaires only while the Rest of us struggle 2 just exist. Orange Asshole has done nothing, Republicans have done Nothing. And so, Our Entire Country Has had ENOUGH of this Hateful lunacy. […]

We have 15 Days left before Orange Asshole is finished. Then, in the Last 2+ months he’ll (Woooosh!) see his hate crumble into consequences, jail, charges and A life he worked so hard to ruin Early Voting has Been At Historic levels And it Must Continue. November 3rd Will be Day of ‘Celebration’ After ALL […]

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