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Ginni Deposed & Cannon Fired…

September 29th, 2022

Ginni “I supported The Insurrection” Thomas, who’s husband is Supreme (Ewwwww) Court Judge Thomas Just Meet with The Jan 6th Committee For 4 Hours Ohhhh boy, they likely got her Dead red Caught. See when her lies don’t match Up with Others Sworn Direct testimony, She fucked. Ooooooooof is She in A world of Hurt […]

Ian Slams FLA & Putin Undone…

September 28th, 2022

Ian made Landfall early Afternoon as A Category 4. Stay Safe all FLA (Sandy Crushed) This is serious stuff. If you stayed then Stay ‘inside’. This is Causing such Damage already & so Ronny DeathSantis suddenly ‘Loves’ The Federal Government  (FEMA) Just after bashin’ it nonstop. This is all (Bingo!) about Helping all Florida Citizens […]

Ian Hits & Run Paxton Run…

September 27th, 2022

The Jan 6th Hearing this wed has been postponed due to Hurricane (Stay Safe!) Ian. While Frustrating This Is the Correct Decision. Focus on Those of Us in need First Out of Respect Everyone In Florida, Please Be so Safe, this will Hit the Lower West side Coast with such force. Either Leave Now, or […]

Jan 6th Hearing & Inside Job…

September 26th, 2022

As Hurricane Ian bears down on The State Of Florida We all wish (Ah Memories) their citizen Well. Hunker in the Bunker, Be Safe. There’s A New Political Hurricane just About to Blow TFG/ Republicans All Away Another Jan 6th ‘hearing’ll’ take place this Wednesday night and shit’s Getting real. One call from INSIDE the […]

Cannon Misfire & Fat Meltdown…

September 22nd, 2022

The 11th Circuit ruled Against judge Cannon’s “Wild overreach”. The FBI (NO!) & DOJ CAN Continue Their Work On reviewing All Of The Classified Docs This Was legally sound & will not be touched. Ohhhhh boy he’s so fucked And the TFG went on a big PR Stunt With Hannity That Backfired in such massive […]

Trumps Sued For $250 Million…

September 21st, 2022

Down, down, down They All go which jails they land? We don’t (Busted!) yet know! NY Just ‘Sued’ all the criminals for fraud, false assets, inflated ‘Net’ Worth & False Tax Returns. Oooooops. They is No legal Defense for this, since ass plead the 5th which means that is legally sayin’ “Yes, I did it […]

Joe Biden everyone’s lovable energetic but flawed Gramps (We Know) is saying COVID’s over. And it’s Not. At least for Those in Red States who Refuse to all accept Vax Science. What he is saying is “We’ve mitigated this down to X so if Y people don’t Want to Get Vaxed, uh they on Their […]

Cannon Fodder & Polling Pain…

September 16th, 2022

Judge Cannon is playing a very dangerous Game here messing (<-Maga) around With The DOJ for TFG And Make No ‘Mistake’ IF Any one texted/reached out 2 her About Her ‘decisions’ Ya’ll See charges will be Comin’. Let us Not Assume. Only IF. And, We see….Republican’s “Dark Ages” (Yup!) “Policy Positions”, “Plunging” in all the […]

Well well, it’s another day & Another “Set” of Republican (<-Douche) Sociopaths Playing Partisan political games with peoples Lives. Ron DeathSantis And Greg Abbott Think Being an evil Asshole is so “Funny” to them, while Harming others & Burning Tax Payer $, With “hate stunts”. Usin’ $12 mil to Send Immigrants To NYC Martha’s- Vineyard. […]

My “Pillows” just Got his cell Phone seized by the FBI in Hardee’s Drive (And Criminal?!?) Thru. You Can’t Make This shit up! And, Mike, Tina Peters, TFG, With a Whole Slew of Elected R’s, are in DIRE, ‘Legal Trouble’. These “Fake” electors/voter data is wildly Illegal And DOJ / FBI Are Fast At Work […]

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