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DOJ KO & MO Water Problems…

August 31st, 2022

Holy Shit! I Mean WOW! The DOJ isn’t F’ing Around here. They Just (F’ed!) released a DOJ filing making it all “Public”. And, ohhh Boy Is TFG So FUCKED. It’s all over. And to Love It Even More? Orange Anus wants to “Tell” the world he did it. Ha ha Jeeeeez. Keep on talking buddy, […]

Former Secret Service & White House Lap Dog, Anthony Oranto “Retires” in (Jail looms) an attempt 2 Avoid his roll on Jan 6th it won’t Effect anything. In fact, it will show him 2 be on the maga side if he Refuses To Testify. While He Did Work for 5 Presidents, He Never “Joined” A […]

Joe Biden, Has The Best Approval Rating in the last year for getting (Iron Vita-Man?) Policies Passed that He promised And, As that is Happening Which All “Voters” see, Lindsey Graham is going on TV, to Threaten Folks if DOJ charges him. Ahem, that’s Domestic Terrorism By Def. And he’s already in deep legal trouble […]

Today Marked The Moment, when the entire world knew Orange ass (Yup) is Going to be “Indicted/Charged” The redacted affidavit was as bad As Legally could be. Not only was TFG in ‘Possession’ Of Top Secret items. It Was LOTS of Them, and even Ongoing/current agents ops In Field/Theater. This, Is Treason Aside From Spending […]

While Biden/D’s in Congress keep pushing for the polices that voters (“Yeah, I know”) demanded/wanted; TFG is fucked In Fact, his ‘Morning Meltdown’ is a case study In Knowing Just how ‘Damming’ the Release of what he Did Tomorrow ‘Will’ Be. He Knows it’s All over; jail for the remainder of his “Shitty Miserable Life” […]

While TFG’s lawyers are legally admitting he did Do Espionage (Zing!) the rest of the World Is “Voting” And boy ohhhh boy was it a fun night. While Some Maga’s Have “Gotten thru to the general” the others were Beat like a Drum & all Freaked out in losing. Ha ha One such Turd was […]

300 Documents & Flop Gov…

August 23rd, 2022

Tonight, more Primary’s across the Nation. And While Some Of (Vote!) The Most Vile Maga Will “Slide” thru, Many Will Get Bounced & trounced. In the Meantime, We have The “Soon To Be Indicted” Orange Anus, Who “had” 300+ Top Secret/Classified docs just laying around. Ooooooooooops And, It ‘gets’ worse; one of the (Yup) boxes […]

Pro Se & Dr Fauci Leaving…

August 22nd, 2022

While The Entire Republican Party implodes at Light Speed, TFG just (Stock up!) “Decided” To “Represent Himself” (He Will Change & Have Lawyers) Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha. In legal terms it’s called Pro Se. And now he and the entire Maga wing are pro F’ed And, Right Now the Evil Turtle So see’s […]

A District Judge just told Lindsey Graham “Either Honor the lawful (“I called it”) Subpoena or be held in contempt” Pretty simple shit. He’s Supposed to Appear This Coming Tuesday & IF He doesn’t, likely jail. Ooooops Again they’re all So legally fucked Depending On ‘Which’ Republican you’re Talking About We will have to go […]

Allan Weisselberg is “Guilty” On All 15 counts. They, are, legally, Sooo (Ooooops) fucked. All of them In Trampland He Can’t take The 5th Now & will surly Implicate Them In “Crimes” These Days, R the Consequences of decades of “criming”. Make no mistake, this is just The Beginnin’ of the “Legal Downfall” which will […]

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