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Supreme Delay & The Reckoning…

February 29th, 2024

In what can Only Be Called Putting Their crooked maga judge fingers on the scale (Idiots) the Supreme dragged it’s Feet in takin’ on Jack Smith’s ‘Immunity Ruling’ Fast And now, What “Only Benefits” Orange Shit Stain they WILL take it On with an April 22nd (why delay?) Trial date With (The Whores!) The Understanding […]

Republican’s Can’t Govern. They’ve shown us voters this year after year (Can’t govern!) They’re do nothing, pass nothing & don’t Govern unless ‘causing’ Harm to Others Or Tax Cuts. And now it’s the usual “We can’t Govern, so let’s threaten To Shut Down the ENTIRE (Vote!) government” Game. It always kills Them At The Polls; […]

Electoral Math & MI Votes…

February 27th, 2024

While Jack Smith “legally” Hammers away At the Orange felon, one thing (Yup!) Is Very clear: the R’s’GQP’ers Don’t Have The Votes. In SC The ‘Fat Ass’ Won 59.8% of The vote. It “Means” He/ Fat Felon Can’t Lose More Than 1-3% of The Vote He Had in 20′ So (Ooooops!) he/they are so mathematically […]

Embryo Insanity & The Traitors…

February 23rd, 2024

Well, every voter In America was Fairly Warned. People / All Active (No shit!) People In Politics told them what R’s / GQP was Going to do About Roe, Gay Marriage and now even Embryos. So the Alabama Court & R’s Have Now tried to say That Embryo’s Are like Living Children (Voters’ll show em) […]

Well well well, if it isn’t the consequences of Republican’s Hateful Lying Actions now (Ha!) Biting Their “Traitorous” back Side. Zing! Their “fake FBI Informant” has just been Indicted For LYING! Jeeeeeeeez all these Putin/Trump Loving ‘Traitors’ Must Pay A hefty $ for This Shit. It’s not Just ‘Politics’ (Yup!) It’s fucking Criminal! And, While […]

Guilty & Fined $354.9 Million…

February 20th, 2024

Happy Presidents Day, To All Of You Silly heads! Hope that ya enjoyed a (Yay!) deserved Day Off. Thankfully A Fat Orange Felon won’t get A legal day off the Resta his life. He was found GUILTY of a Sham Company doing Scam Inflated Business & must pay (Criminals!) $354.9 Million in Fines. Oooooops Not […]

“Have A Seat!” & The $ Pit…

February 15th, 2024

A NYC Judge Told Orange Anus’s lawyer To “Stop Interrupting Me!” (Yay!) & “Have a seat!”. The trial will go forward no matter fat idiots legal farts lies don’t hold water; it’s so fun Watching justice have it Days There’s no legal escape & Fat ass (Zing!) knows it. He also knows That the Only […]

There is No Republican Party any longer. It’s Been relegated to Hot (Yup!) garbage performative crap mixed with an orange cult Giving voters nothin’ at all. At least Smoke and Mirrors; HAVE Smoke And Mirrors The Maga moron caucus has now Impeached DHS Head, Mayorkas (Yup!) 1 Single Vote. It’s Goin Nowhere in the Senate […]

Special Election & Voter Wrath…

February 13th, 2024

Tonight New York Votes to Replace George “The ‘Super’ Fraud” Santos (Vote!) It’s a Heavily R District so it will so Likely Be Mazi Pilip or Tom Suozzi Both Are Basically D’s As Mazi Is a Registered ‘Democrat’. No “Matter” who wins, Johnson Loses, which is (We Know!) a big WIN for America as A […]

Church Shooting & The Collapse…

February 12th, 2024

Another Day, Another Shooting But this time It was at Osteen’s (Yup!) Mega Church. He claimed “god Will Guide Us Through!”. Ahem, no he Won’t. See Faith doesn’t Stop Gun Violence/These Mass Shootings. Action And Rational Policies. These Monsters, Don’t (Bingo!) care. And Voters know it, so it’s time To Dump Do Nothings and Them […]

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