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Holiday Decompress…

August 30th, 2018

Stay steady my friends! Mid-Terms are right around the corner. In the mean time, go out (We know!) and have Some Fucking Fun. Sadly I haven’t been Able Too. It’s All Work & No Play Which Makes John, A Cranky Puss. Enjoy This Great 4 day weekend and Let’s get Back to it round Tuesday, […]

As Florida ‘Picks’ a Progressive Democrat on one side; it picks a Trumper lying Racist ass (<-Bigot) on the other. How Bad will this Get?!?! Well we’re not even 10 hours into the race and it is already Racist. Make NO mistake here he Knew EXACTLY What He Was Saying, Did It on Purpose & […]

How Low Will He Go?!?!

August 28th, 2018

He lies so much Overweight Cats in the sun are jealous. They fucked up the McCain flag (<-Toddler) at half Mast thing, speaker phones & now it is All About Google Giving Trump Bad News Ahem, don’t blame Google. That’s all you ya Orange Anus and you can bet with every pal “turning States evidence” […]

Boris ‘Sinclair’s Bitch’ Epshteyn, Has Been “trying” to be a media figure for about 3+ (Mr Dumbass) years running now. It’s not working out & it’s embarrassingly hilarious. Let us forget about The Fact Sinclair is Illegally Already in control of too many local stations in the market According to FCC Rules. Now they are […]

Trump Lost His “Pecker”…

August 24th, 2018

After Trumps melt down on FOX where he just admitted Committing High Crimes, he just lost (Ooooops) his “Pecker”. Boom! Thank you and goodnight (Think of it as the ultimate Legal Trumpy Bris) But Seriously, the ‘Chairman’ Of AMI, And The National Enquirer, David Pecker (Yes that’s his fucking name) has more Criminal Actions That […]

Seems these days, even the Trumper’s thinkin’ of what his Impending Impeachment Would do (Oooops) In usual tangerine taint fashion, he thinks that the “Markets Would Crash”. Ahhhhh no. But all your horrific Tax Cuts, deregulation & that little item called the marginal propensity to consume WILL Certainly, Do That With/Without you. See, the economy […]

White House Down…

August 22nd, 2018

As Cohen, Manafort, Another Republican All go down in indictments, Trump is unraveling (“No pus grab”) Not that there was any tightly knit formation holding Him ‘Together’. He went On Friendly FOX to…confess to crimes. Yes you read that right. Cohen Is adding additional pressure by in his Plea Deal Basically Naming Him As “At […]

Manafort GUILTY!!!

August 21st, 2018

On 8 of 18 Counts. Oooooooooooooooops That is Seriously “Decimating” to not only (GUILTY!) him, but ALL those even still in the entire Republican Trump lying insane Shit Show You Immoral, Abusive, Corrosive, hateful, anti-America Autocrats Are ALL on Notice Fascism won’t Win. You won’t win. It’s all over for you but the “Crying” at […]

Punching The Republican Cop…

August 20th, 2018

Who is investigating you…are The Acts of a very terrified, Frightened kid. Trump is just (Tick Tock!) absolutely Freakin’ out & he should be. See when you are Just Attacking people on your own “Political Side”, That Means it Is Not At all About “Politics”. It’s about those who are Guilty and those who Are […]

As the jury deliberates, Manaforts fate seems sealed. He has already witness tampered and (You fuckers!) has other Court Dates for More charges. This shit couldn’t get more serious. And who’s the guy claiming Manafort is also a “good person” now?!?! That’d be felon Donny. Only the Best people, Right?!?! As the Orange Tyrant Keeps […]

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