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Russia Ruined & Fox Fucked…

February 28th, 2023

Chicago Votes today So make Your Voices Heard. Polls close (Vote!) at 7pm. So with over A year into Russia declaring war on The Good People Of Ukraine And Putin/Propagandists’ In power are ALL “Going down” There Is NO Way Putin wins Here. It’s an Insurgency war where Putin bleeds Out; and (Yup!) it Costs […]

Tomorrow, Chicago Votes For Our Next Mayor & we have a very big (YOU Decide!) “Field” to Pick from. Looks like it will come Down to Garcia, Vallas, Johnson, Lightfoot Or King/Other The “good Voters” of Chicago will decide Who “Goes into” the likely run Off. The Winner Must Secure 50% or Higher & That […]

An evil hateful killer, who just ‘Murdered’ a Women (Nowhere else!) Came BACK to the site of the killing; to kill A group Of News Reporters. OMG It was, A 19 Year Old KID who Did This. He killed a 38 year old Woman, then came Back, To Shoot and Kill Reporter Dylan Lyons (ENOUGH!) […]

Ivanka, & Jared Were Both Just “subpoenaed” by Jack (We Know) Smith’s Jan 6th committee BOOM! Ohhhhh Dr is it All over but the crying/Prison time Now ‘Kids’. The Walls aren’t just Closing In, they Are Almost Touching each other. This all spells Legal Peril, That, Is Unavoidable (Ouch!) (And while TFG & all Shits […]

A Georgia Grand Jury Will be indictin’ TFG very soon (Busted!) And, Others Who “Crimed” with Him. It’s Almost here The jury’s foreman Stated: “Ya won’t be too surprised” & “It’s not a short list”. Ha Ooooooooops; that Means they’re All going down fast ‘Rudy’, ‘Powell’, Graham, & many more who all fucked around and […]

Happy Presidents Day To all who Celebrate this dandy of (Whooot!) a day aside from TFG who’s A Criminal Hate Cautionary Tale. As The Entire GQP, all Implodes; Biden Tookoff to Visit War Torn Ukraine And Zelensky as a public display of our Support Of Em. The “historic visit” will be hated by all Pro-Putin […]

FOX Legally F’ed & Giddy Up…

February 17th, 2023

Well, turns out the Dominion Law Suit has produced damning texts (True!) All of this Discovery will ruin Fox Noise. Both legally and audience wise. Oooooops. See none of the Partisan “Talking Opinion Frauds” even believed those election lies Or ‘Utter Defamation’ they Were Spewing. Most of Society Are All (Anarchists) Seeking Forward Progress & […]

The Redacted & Brief GA GJ report dropped today and it (Busted!) spells Indictments for Many folks who lied & more. This is Serious stuff. And more’s coming from Jack Smith so TFG / all His Criminal Idiots will Now FINALLY Be Facing (Oooops) Justice. This will Echo Thru out History & it just should! […]

Nikkki (the extra K is because she overtly Supports/Helps racists like (The Grift!) TFG/His Racist Pals) Haley Rolled out her big 2024 Presidential Run with a Mundane, Wet, Fart. She’ll never, ever, Never be President in This Country, Or Any Other. Maga will Never Break her Way and she Splits TFG’s “vote”. Besides, she’s on […]

Another Mass Shooting & Guilty…

February 14th, 2023

I’m sick Of Typing these Mass ‘Shootings’. SICK Of it. We’ve (No More!) done nothing & we are all out of ideas. Rational gun control is What Is Needed ‘Yesterday’ R’s Stand in the Way of every Needed Policy, For America & It Has Got To End. Voters ALL know it. So does Every Damn […]

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