The Redacted & Brief GA GJ

report dropped today and it


spells Indictments for Many

folks who lied & more. This

is Serious stuff. And more’s

coming from Jack Smith so

TFG / all His Criminal Idiots

will Now FINALLY Be Facing


Justice. This will Echo Thru

out History & it just should!

No other racist autocrat has

Done Such Hateful Damage

to this great nation. And it’s

time for the bill 2 Come due


Nowhere to run, times Up &

The World’s Coming 4 Putin!

NOTE: D-Senator Fetterman seeks medical help for
Depression At Hospital. Good. Mental Health Is Key
for ALL Citizens. Maga Needs It most & should do it

Have A Day!

173 Responses to “Indictments Coming & Putin Plunge…”

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