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As The Governor of Wisconsin ‘Tells’ Trump to stay away, the world lost A very cool and (RIP) amazing actor over the weekend. Chadwick Boseman just died away from Colon Cancer Damn, I really hate cancer, almost as much As I Hate TRump/Republicans All Doing Not a damn thing about COVID. These immoral Monsters let […]

Lie-A-Thon & NBA Voting…

August 28th, 2020

In what can only be called the worst RNC Lie-A-Thon in The History Of our Country (Ha ha ha!) It got so Bad, a Fact Checker went a full 3 minutes “debunking” over 20+ lies by the “Orange” Racist “Asshole”. As NBA Players Come Back, Both They /Owners Did Some thing VERY special. They Will […]

As COVID effects everything in our lives daily, & Republican’s ‘Pretend’ it Doesn’t (Horrible) even Exist; We’ve Lost Over 184,000 to this Pandemic, And Counting. Hurricane Laura hammers LA with a Wall of Water & horrific damage From 150 MPH Winds The NBA Players, Are Using Their Voices to put an End to People of […]

The RNC Day Two “Looked” A lot like a 4th rate Comedy Club With Screech Headlining (About Right) Ohhhhh boy it’s not good at all. If there was a new lower Bottom to the barrel this would be it. And my guess is just gets Worse from there. Besides, they all Already Violated The Hatch […]

As our country is dying daily, our divisions deeper Than Ever & Republicans ALL doing (“Let em die!”) nothing about it….we focus, we fight. These are the Days where seeing what the RNC is has made the “Entire Nation” gasp, shudder and run For the Exit at Light speed. So now Their “Convention” Has Become […]

As we pass a grim benchmark of 180,000 Citizens Of America DEAD, from COVID19 (No Nothing) A Sitting President/Political Party Do NOT remotely give a flying Fuck. And in other “news” their lyin’ Machine Female Joseph Goebbels Kellyanne CON-Way……is Going to be steppin down due to a family crisis claiming they abuse their Kids. Oooooops […]

There was no DeJoy on the Zoom Senate hearing today. Republican’s Pretended Nothing At All Was (“I lied!”) Wrong While ‘Playing Politics’ Against Dems With legitimate ‘problems’ With this Postmaster. It is a fact that he didn’t answer ANYTHING & had most people demanding his resignation. But they won’t accept it By Mail, It’ll Never […]

Racist maga Asshole Steve Bannon has been arrested. He Is Indicted On Defrauding All of (Bye Bye!) his Donors for building a fake wall that was never Going to Be Built. They are ALL fraud Con-Men Criminals. ALL Of Them. Evil Shits It’s a story as old As time itself. From Yacht to jail cot. […]

As COVID still rages through our country And, Republicans Do NOTHING, The Rest (Up it goes) of Society’s Pissed. I mean PISSED off & with No Signs of Stopping. And this is All at a time when A Large Growing Majority disapprove of Trumpy/R’s. See, they are ALL doing Nothing While we Die. And, on […]

Cooper Crushes & DNC Day 2…

August 18th, 2020

As the World still Daily deals with COVID deaths; The Entire Republican Party tries (“Ya lying shit”) to pretend it doesn’t exist. Well there are a total of 174,746 deaths & countin’. This is Inhumanly Evil Shit. They Will “Pay” for this Horror They Did here. The kind of Ass Hole “Nothing Frauds” like The […]

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