Lie-A-Thon & NBA Voting…

August 28th, 2020

In what can only be called the worst RNC

Lie-A-Thon in The History Of our Country

(Ha ha ha!)

It got so Bad, a Fact Checker went a full 3

minutes “debunking” over 20+ lies by the

“Orange” Racist “Asshole”. As NBA Players

Come Back, Both They /Owners Did Some

thing VERY special. They Will “Allow” their

Hoops Stadiums To Be ‘Polling Places’, For

Everyone To VOTE. YES!! And, Did Any Of

the Republican’s Address COVID?!?! Nope

But, They Sure Did Keep On “spreading” It

NOTE: Wisconsin ‘Republican’ Scott Walker, Just Turned
Off His “Feed” when he couldn’t answer Basic Questions
About Trump IGNORIN’ the unacceptable death of Blake
They’re Trying to run, Hide or ignore reality. Won’t work

Have a “safe” weekend!


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