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What ARE GQP R’s Running on This Election cycle? Uh, aside from nada (“I lie!”) the Stuff they ARE sayin’ They Did, They ‘all’ Voted Against! HA HA Ha You can’t make this up! Republican Maria Elvira Salazar Does not Even Remember, She Voted Against Bills that She’s Now Taking all Credit for (<-Lying cheats!) […]

The Fat Orange Felon keeps on Losing in court cause he/they got no defense (Yes he is!) And His Legal Hell, followed by Long ┬áJail Time Looms Fast. He was found Guilty of Defamation, again & has to ‘Pay’ Another $83 Million. Ha Ha ha! And, In Other World News, Evil Iran Extremists Bombed & […]

The entire GQP/Republican Party left standing today has 0 interest (Always Do!) in Solving, Any Boarder issues. In fact, Orange Anus told them all to stand Down Doing nada so he can “Run On That” lie VS Biden. Ohhh boy’s that gonna backfire so badly In Fact, Sside from R’s Not having Enough Voters To […]

New Hampshire & Losing Math…

January 23rd, 2024

It’s New Hampshire, but Likely Old results barring some shocker event (“We Suck!”) Orange Traitor Will Likely Win, but not Totally Crush her Which shows a serious Electoral map math issue that No Nominated Republican can win vs Biden. Many GOP voters are turning on Orange Anus & makes it (Ooooops!) mathematically impossible to win […]

Can’tStainya Done & Undone!

January 22nd, 2024

And just like that, there was no “Real Race”, For The Republican (Zing!) Nom. The, ‘Orange Felon’ll’ Get It With NiKKKi H In Far Second Rube DouchStain Has Dropped outta the race as CA gov Gavin Newsome called he Would do & he bent the knee to Dumpy ass (Whadda Douche!) Like Newsome Said He […]

As What’s left Of the Grand Old Ponces dies off; we are witnessing in real time (We know!) a vote Splittin Math problem that they Simply, Can’t Overcome. See, Orange Ass won IA with 56,260 votes. But the other 54,038 Want someone Else and DON’T want him. This was the Lowest Caucus Turnout, since 2000. […]

MLK & Iowa Crappy Caucas…

January 15th, 2024

Happy MLK Day! I have a dream too, that we all get the day off!!! (Good stuff!) Dr. Martin Luther Was Literally 1 of a kind leader/person who will Never be forgotten. And ALL the lessons of Humanity, Civil Rights ┬ájustice & society as a whole will ring true Forever. A big Shinning (History!) Example […]

While Orange Felon Goes Down in fat “flames” In NYC, Even after an (Busted!) attempted Bomb Threat against a sittin judge; the rest of the Chaos Caucus is Doing NOTHING For All The Citizens/Voters Of This Great Nation. Nada. So When they tried Scream “Hunter won’t even come (<-The Frauds!) Here To Testify”; Hunter Showed […]

Refusal, Excusal & Recusal…

January 10th, 2024

While the GQP plays Shit Show on Capital Hill For All Voters To clearly see They Can’t Govern Hunter Biden not only called a stupid Bluff by R’s Of Him NOT Showin Up; By Showing Up to Expose their Lies and They did Not Want him To speak. Ha ha (We Know!) They want him […]

Appears Rodger Stone Will soon be enjoying Jail Time for asking (Yes!) to Assassinate a few Democratic leaders ahead of the 2020 Votes “Either Nadler Or Swalwell Has To die before the election. They need 2 get the message/let’s get it over” Oooooops, & that Was Recorded Jeeeeez, they’re all the Dumbest criminals on the […]

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