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Today our Representative Democracy just Had a stroke. It’s as serious as it gets. And this event of (Yup) historic Proportions will “Echo” though out time The Entire GOP’s dead. They’re not a national or regional party any longer. They will feel the hard effects of this for centuries to come. Once they all realize […]

There Is Something UnAmerican, Unlawful, Illegal and insane about Trumps legal team Non-defense (Oooooops) Laws matters. Facts matter. The Constitution also matters. They have setout to burn it all down and it’s not only ‘Dangerous’; our country hangs in the very balance. When lawyers Say Objective lies, & keep repeating them after being Legally corrected, […]

Losing Lawyers & Derpowitz…

January 29th, 2020

Things Are not going well for Orange Idiots legal “Defense” team. Let’s just say it isn’t Quite up to (The “Dopes”) the task. It’s Gotten to bad, they Are trying to all assert some sort of ‘Blanket Immunity’ that does not even Exist. They had to be Told Over 5 times that courts Reject it, […]

BOO! Gotcha. I kid, I joke. Speakin’ of scary The Entire Republican Party In the Senate Is (R’s scared) likely sacred ‘Shitless’. Ex WH-Chief Of Staff John Kelly openly Stated “I Believe Bolton & he also Told the President the truth”. BOOM! This has been over for while but wait…it gets WORSE. Now 75% and […]

John Bolton Already Told the WH & the World that Orange Anus TOLD him directly about the Ukraine (Ooooops) aid being held up solely for the Biden Dirt. That’s it The Entire Thing is over. It Always was. Shit, we all already Had the Trump=Held Ukraine Aid Solely for Political Dirt On The Biden’s Before, […]

Currently This Entire Impeachment Charade Has done 1thing for every American voter. It showed (We Know) that Republicans Have Ignored their Oath, facts, & are Willing to Snuff-Out Democracy partisanly for Rump. This will Not end Well for them. Their fear of Orange idiot/that racist base is now a big fat Anchor Around Their Neck […]

While there is Supposed to be A “trial”, It looks like Mitch McConnell Tried to Rig It. That Didn’t (Burnt!) work. BUT, he did “Get” all Republicans to vote against documents, Witnesses & facts. What he did not get was barrin the House Impeachment evidence/documents. If all Republican senators keep ‘Voting’ To IGNORE Any New […]

Today is an important government holiday It’s MLK Day and we had a dream……..that (ML-OK!) we got the Day Off! Sadly, like most of you, I didn’t. Meh, he was A Great Man, A great leader & A Strong Needed Voice In Our Big country. He always believed “Only sunlight will Defeat Darkness. And, Only […]

Orange Bag Of Shit claimed “I don’t know him” (Meaning Lev Parnas). Well, turns out not only (We Know) DOES he know him. He Appears all the time in pics, Discussions and well lookie here, he Even worked For Donny’s father Fred! Ooooooooops It will be getting worse Daily for them All. And, in the […]

Today, the US Senate took an “Oath” administered by Chief Supreme Court justice John Roberts To All (“I swear…a lot!”) Be Faithful “Impartial” Jurors. Should Republicans play “Partisan Games” In this Trial & try to hide or even obstruct Witnesses/Evidence, this will end so badly for them ALL. This is now a “legal” issue, it’s […]

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