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While there is Supposed to be A “trial”, It looks like Mitch McConnell Tried to Rig It. That Didn’t (Burnt!) work. BUT, he did “Get” all Republicans to vote against documents, Witnesses & facts. What he did not get was barrin the House Impeachment evidence/documents. If all Republican senators keep ‘Voting’ To IGNORE Any New […]

Today is an important government holiday It’s MLK Day and we had a dream……..that (ML-OK!) we got the Day Off! Sadly, like most of you, I didn’t. Meh, he was A Great Man, A great leader & A Strong Needed Voice In Our Big country. He always believed “Only sunlight will Defeat Darkness. And, Only […]

Orange Bag Of Shit claimed “I don’t know him” (Meaning Lev Parnas). Well, turns out not only (We Know) DOES he know him. He Appears all the time in pics, Discussions and well lookie here, he Even worked For Donny’s father Fred! Ooooooooops It will be getting worse Daily for them All. And, in the […]

Today, the US Senate took an “Oath” administered by Chief Supreme Court justice John Roberts To All (“I swear…a lot!”) Be Faithful “Impartial” Jurors. Should Republicans play “Partisan Games” In this Trial & try to hide or even obstruct Witnesses/Evidence, this will end so badly for them ALL. This is now a “legal” issue, it’s […]

Senate Trial Tuesday & 70%…

January 15th, 2020

The House Articles Have Been Formally Delivered The Select team of 7 has Been Assembled. Today (Hero’s!) is a Historic day in our Democracy. There will Be a “Trial”. They will be sworn in tomorrow at 2pm by Chief Justice Roberts. If, ANY Senator ignores their “Oath” they take & Sign by withholding any evidence/witnesses, […]

Things are Heating Up in Both The US House and the Senate. And all of It Is Bad News for (Yup) Orange Bigot Idiot. The Trial Is Happening & it Will Be A “MASSIVE Problem” For all of the Republicans Up For Re-Election. They are All in the Deep, deep, deep Shit Right now. And, […]

Your Shitty Racist Uncle…

January 13th, 2020

Is the President of the United States. Let that Really Sink In. The Orange Anus, Decided His (We Know) Shitter storm In Smearing Dems as terrorists, pictures of dead body’s, Misspelling Insults & basically Realizing witnesses are coming Now Oooooooooooooops. There Are 23 of Them up For, Re-Election. You Have Esper/Pompeo All won’t state any […]

You’ve all heard the phrase “You can’t swing a dead cat in here, Without Hitting Two People you know…” (NO!) 1st, who The Fuck is Swinging Dead animal Carass’s around? And 2nd is this a “Thing” I just never did or heard About?!?! Don’t Know, buuuutttttttt it’s pretty damn weird. In any Case just say […]

War Powers & Brexit News…

January 9th, 2020

While House ‘Speaker’ Nancy “Baltimore Balls” Pelosi used her press conference this morning (Bring it!) to point out facts, laws they Seek to Enact, & Addressed All ‘things’ About Mitch McConnell/ Impeachment/Sending Articles Over. She was strong, Factual & damnin’ to Trump/Mitch/R’s And what was just passed in the house today? Why that’d be the […]

As the World burns around us, we have an Orange slice of douche making matters worse daily. And it (<-Fidiot) is not even close Anymore. In a fat, long, rambling incoherent stream of gibberish; he strung together a pile of lies, Threats, then Obama bashin’. This is simply An Insanely Incompetent Child Flinging shit against […]

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