While there is Supposed to be A “trial”, It looks

like Mitch McConnell Tried to Rig It. That Didn’t


work. BUT, he did “Get” all Republicans to vote

against documents, Witnesses & facts. What he

did not get was barrin the House Impeachment

evidence/documents. If all Republican senators

keep ‘Voting’ To IGNORE Any New or Additional

documents or witnesses…..the Entire country Is

going to Remove them from Office. They are all

playing a Dangerous Game With our Republic &

Representative Democracy. They Will ALL be so


badly punished for this. America is A LOT of big

things. But With 71% & Growing Wanting All Of

THESE things, this Will End Their Failed Careers

AND with the Presidents Lawyers all actin’ like a

Poor Man’s Lionel Hutz. Things’ll Get Worse, For

them daily as evidence is introduced. See, when

your only Defense is lies & Ad Hominem there Is

no where legally to go. Was the Houses case just

Strong Enough? We Will Find Out. And All of The

voters of this Country if he Is removed or not will


now have EVERY Senate Republican In their Eyes

for ignorin’ the Constitution. Grave as it gets now

Have a day!

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