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As the last pair of boots of Christopher Donahue “leave” the Harsh Theater of (Last Boots) Afghanistan we Respect all the Solemn sacrifice of all our troops, partners and allies/Afghani Soldiers. This Was Never really a “war”. It was an insurgency, & one you never “win”. No cash, no glory & no real Choice. This […]

Ida crashed into the shores of MO & Louisiana, Causing ‘Untold Pain’ (Damage!) Today, We will “See It” with clean eyes. The 150mph windgusts, the power Outages, all of the flooding This will take time to fix, heal And try To Rebuild The Damage. Brick by Brick they will and please Help We Have…A “Domestic […]


August 27th, 2021

Yes, there are far too many big COVIDIOTS Out There, and It’s (Derp!) ALL on the far right. Let’s just forget theyre ignorant, insane, & violently loud. And let’s also forget their Dunning Kruger is Next Level shit. What they are doing effectively is trying to all deny “Reality” in Favor of their failed world […]

Jan 6th team just 0’d in on all Orange Thing Officials. Oooops (“Comin for you!”) This “Request For Materials” Is more Of A “Demand”. And they have Til September 9th To Get It. And Orange Thing Is Bitchin up a storm and it won’t change Anything. Their Hands In THIS Are Clear. It Will ALL […]

DeathSantis & Voting Rights…

August 25th, 2021

COVID, specifically The Delta Variant is ravaging the deep south. In fact, it (<-Evil) is Doing the most damage In Florida And their Governor Ron Deathsantis Doesn’t Care. Wait, I’m Being Unfair here. He not only Doesn’t give A shit, he is literally Legally fighting against masks/vaccines To ‘Prevent’ it. HOLY SHIT. There is Dumb, […]

Remember that Fraudit going on In Arizona? Well, turns out Aside (Busted!) from being immoral lyin’ corrupt criminals; they’re also Dumb AF The Cyber Ninja’s all Got COVID The Only thing they Did find was their own ignorance of infectious pandemic disease; jeez my irony meter just Exploded. Lying, wild incompetence, criminal and now MORONS […]

The FDA has Granted full approval to The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine & (Boom!) it’s One more thing for Anti-vaxers to look like the morons they all are See, people who reject medial fact, science or Reality are just “Fucking Around”. Now, They’re Sadly All In the “Finding Out” Phase. And That part Really stings. Oh […]

We have a serious problem in this Country. Aside from Rank (<-His Pals) ignorance, hate, fascism and Racist White Supremacy, We have A ‘Bigger Problem’. And that Is, “Domestic Terrorism” There Was a maga nut in DC claiming to have a bomb and was Arrested after a Six hour stand off. This stuff is so […]

Republican who Only goes the direction the wind blows Nikki (Yes, it is) Haley, has Just been stranded on Hypocrisy Island. See, ‘she’ seems to Forget Her Direct fat hand in Afghanistan & Freeing the very Taliban Who are now in charge (Per their Deal) of it all. Oooooops. You Can’t Bitch About Person X […]

In what can only be described as pure, uncut Schadenfreude (Great Advice!) Republican Leaders, ALL Over the US Are Getting COVID At such Amazing rates. And they Are the 1’s “ignoring” Science, Reality, & Prevention. What a Shocker (Rolls Eyes). See, the people “Pretending” This isn’t a ‘Problem’ Putting All Lives in danger, Are sufferin […]

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