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While Indictment #3 looms, we Have more Legal torture for the (Ha! Zing!) Orange Anus. ‘Trying’ To delete video footage of him Criming is a bigger legal problem. There is Nowhere, for Him / Republicans to go from Here But Jail And to political Irrelevance. They’re All (Bingo!) so legally/politically F’ed & it is ALL […]

A 3rd Incitement will Be Coming Tomorrow or Next 3 days At the (Jail!) latest all about his Jan 6th Coup treason. TFGs 2 lawyers meet in DC With DOJ Legal Today, And it spells legal Death for an Orange Traitor. He’s, Going To Die in Jail It couldn’t “Happen” to A Bigger, (Guilty!) lying […]

Mitch McConnell Fell Silent For about :30. Clearly he had a Lil (Rest) Stroke Or Episode. It was Very Sad. Politics Aside, We Are All human beings. We all hope for a Speedy recovery. Speakin of people who will Never Recover, The Orange Anus Legal Hell is (“Ya F’ed Son!”) just “Warmin’ up”. Pretty soon […]

All over the world, we See big Loses, For Right Wing Fascists (<-Racist Losers!) in France, in Spain, In Britain And…..While Turkey, Hungry & Russia still Have Them they’re badly Losing power. And, This Is A Warning Sign To The GQP In ‘Merica. Will They Listen?!?! (<-Zing!) Nope-A-roo. They All will Not And, it Costs […]

While Republican’s Play Hee-Haw & the fuckaround gang on Capitol (Criming!) Hill, With Their “Dick Pic” Slander show; the rest of the world sees it for what it is. Distraction from yet another Looming Indictment. This Will Not Only Send Him To Jail For the Rest of his Short life but it just (Ha!) leaves […]

There Is No ‘National’ Republican Party any longer. They just don’t (Bye!) Exist. They Demographically can Not Win Elections anymore, and it gets Worse. Their hate Party is Shrinking/Dying/Broke. And it is ‘All in’ by supporting a fat traitor criminal. And…he will Have Been (Broken!) Indicted “4 times” By September The issue here’s they’re all […]

Dong, dong, dong. Do you hear that? The Bell Tolls for thee Orange traitor (Yes!) Jack Smith/DOJ are moving quickly Now Against TFG/All His Associates that Means Sitting R’s In the House & they’re ALL freakin out. Well they Should be. The Criminal Terrorist is indicted shortly accordin to a Target (Yup!) Letter He got […]

$39 Billion & Hate Games…

July 17th, 2023

Biden has Offered to forgive Over $39 Billion in Student Debt loans (Yeah baby!) Yes! The FEEL Program Will Help administer loan forgiveness. Yes! Talk About ,’WHY’ Voting Matters This will Help Working Class poor Young Adults Survive. Could Not think of a better Reason to love a (Remember?) Lil Joe Biden Right Now. Noooice […]

When Republican’s/GQP’ers Have to use the ‘middle of the night’ to (Get Out!) Pass Wildly Unpopular Legislation things are going tits Up. In fact, it is goin’ SO Badly Not only will the Legal Challenges in Court cost em Dearly, So Will It With ALL Voters 80% of this country is very pissed off at […]

It would not be “Another day” in ‘Merica without a mass shooting (Bingo!) Jeeeeez, we’ve tried nothing and we’re all Outta ideas. Uh: it’s the “Guns” Stupid. Republicans, want more “Mentally Ill” Insane People to Have Guns. They do, not Care if Kids ‘In Schools’ R Slaughtered (Yup!) ‘Guilty’ Treasonous Oath Keeper Warns Fat Orange […]

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