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Good Ex Memorial Day weekend to you all! Hope it was awesome! (Damn straight!) But more importantly, thank you to everyone who has served both present, and past. And to “Those” who will ‘Serve in the Future’. Let us all never forget. A’ thanks’ just isn’t enough these days. And one Day Isn’t Enough. Glad […]

Kentucky Recanvass…

May 26th, 2016

Sanders campaign’s seeking this Thing ‘Called’ a “Recanvass” just (Count again!) to “Double Check” that Kentucky primary vote count was “correct” Everyone should want that, even Hillary because if she lost as well by that tiny margin she’d also be entitled to all that ‘Transparency’ Like Bernie. So, Will That Clinton camp yell? Yes. And […]

Nothing Worse Than…

May 25th, 2016

One minority groups that was badly ‘Marginalized’ By “Bigots” In Society (We know) Not recognizing other minorities for being ‘badly’ marginalized by Bigots A Group of 40 ‘Preachers’ who were mostly African Americans want this Evil Discriminating Hate Called HB2 The irony’s utterly INSANE on these morons. Nothin’ more ignorant than when folks who were […]

Insane McCain Pain…

May 24th, 2016

John McCain has a problem with…2010 John McCain, & (We remember) it’s very very very bad. He’s going to lose his re-election race. GOOD! He had this ad he ran in 2010 about us “all” “Building that dang fence!!!” Now, In 2016, After Drumpf he is tied to that xenophobic hate still. Ooooooooooooops Now he […]

Walker $900,000 In Debt

May 23rd, 2016

Hey Wisconsin, you repicked a governor who can not manage money, period. His (Yes, we know) “Presidential Hopes”, put him $900,000 in debt. And you good people Wisconsin PUT him in a position of power to FUCK you all over. Did the amount of jobs he promised ever come true? NOPE; & you are the […]

What if I told you that the DNC is in serious trouble. I mean it’s (<-Bias Liar!) SERIOUS Trouble. Their ‘Chair’ ‘Debbie Wasserman Schultz’, is a big Hillary ‘supporter’. She, & other ‘Supporters’ are Using all the News Media outlets to Bash Sanders and ‘all’ his supporters even making shit up to Slander and lie […]

Bern Heating & New Low…

May 18th, 2016

Bernie lost KY by a point. And honestly, it’s “Sketchy” at best (Berngaism!) and ‘Illegal Voter Suppression’ at Worst. At this weekends big Nevada convention leadership CLEARLY suppressed Sanders supporters Voice Votes. And in Ironic fashion one of the items they were 2 vote on was if any “Voice Votes” should be Taken (Upsidedown sign) […]

Very Gased…

May 17th, 2016

Sorry, after a full day of taking care of my elderly parents, I’m (<-Tired) Toast. You get a ‘Great’ blog for Tomorrow, I Promise. Until then Let Drumpf “Mock Himself”, and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE In ALL Those Primaries Left, &”Feel that BERN” Have a day!

What if I told you a siting Republican didn’t ‘believe’ (Beat down!) in “Carbon Dioxide”?! You wouldn’t really be shocked would you?!? You know by now, the answer to that Lil gem don’t you? Republican reptile thing Dana “WTF?!?” Rohrabacher said, this Shit: “Millions of dollars….if not billions of dollars, we’re talking about is all […]

Bigot Bully Boy III…

May 12th, 2016

Drumpf has the intellectual depth of a husky 4th grade playground bully who (Only Tactic) is “Hopped up” on Sugar, & pop rocks He uses “Nicknames” in an attempt to avoid any/all Serious, Rigorous, policy discussions. Simply put cause he can’t do that. If you Can’t ‘Swim’, You Avoid WATER. So, He Called Sanders “Crazy” […]

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