Bern Heating & New Low…

May 18th, 2016

Bernie lost KY by a point. And

honestly, it’s “Sketchy” at best

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Campaigns In Las Vegas(Berngaism!)

and ‘Illegal Voter Suppression’

at Worst. At this weekends big

Nevada convention leadership

CLEARLY suppressed Sanders

supporters Voice Votes. And in

Ironic fashion one of the items

they were 2 vote on was if any

“Voice Votes” should be Taken

Sanders supporters upset upside down sign(Upsidedown sign)

‘Establishment Democrats’ are

in “big trouble”. You Can’t just

“steal” things. You must EARN

them. As this story goes along,

we will See some Serious SHIT

going on as Transparency goes

ON. And, it ain’t going to be so

Pretty, for Roberta Lange, who

Roberta-Lange-Screen-Shot-MSNBC-5-17-2016-e1463504849278(“Wha happen?”)

“chaired” this insane shit show

The problem?!?! Obvious clear

transparency. And now it’s not


Drumpf Doppelganger

Carlos Beruff, Is A Real Estate

developer running for office in

CARLOS-BERUFF1(Creepy Albino)

Florida. He went racist SO fast

“Unfortunately, for seven and a
half years ‘This Animal’ we call
president, cause he’s an animal,
okay, seven & a half years, has
surgically & with thought & very
smart intelligent manner, ruined
country & dismantled the military”

Forget he ‘hasn’t’, our Military

Spendin is still 1st in the entire

world by a “Massive Landslide”

It’s that overt racism at play &

it far too often for Republicans

-“Racist Idiot Republicans” Are

Nothing New These Days, but I

Repeat Myself. “Forget” he will


lose badly. Our choices are now

A) Crazy loud racist bullies and

B) Plutocrat lying cheaters who

Stop Our Democracy just 2 win

Voters want realchange not the

Usual Bullshit Fake kind. Ooops

NOTE: Asshole Chicago Cop On
Tape Beating A Suspect In Cuffs
(Yes we all know some suspects
will claim “I’m Nuts”. Let All The
courts sort it out. You are not all
those steps in a fuckin’ fist idiot)
UPDATE: (11:07am) It Was .05
Win For ‘Clinton’ After The ‘Total’
Which Is A Statistical Tie To ALL

Have a day!

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