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Trump asked R’s to Stop Paying attention. And, went to the FAR (Yes!) left of D’s in 2003 which makes It VERY Communist Funny. The idea is To Let Putin rule here, & it’s disgusting. And, the GQP’er House Speaker little man about 2 be gone tried to kiss the ring & it Will End […]

Well well, the self proclaimed Billionaire Appears to be One (Broke ass!) Broke Ass Mother F’er. And It is clearly seen by AG James & The NY Courts. And Now That is Clear That he/Hankey Can’t Post The Bond, Orange Idiots assets might just all be seized Oooooooops. This fat Criminal (Busted!) Jackass Filed his […]

Nothing will Stop the Orange Fascist Traitor From Avoiding (“See u Monday!”) His trial, Which means Legal Fines/Prison/Jail Looms. This Gets Worse For Him/R’s/GQP With Every Passing Day. And, they could’ve avoided all of it Instead of goin’ after Mod I’s or increase their base they’re pulling shit in AZ where they (Disgusting! ‘install’ a […]

Another day, another Ruling that sends an Orange traitor one step (Zing!) closer to Guilty/jail. So All of his delay Tactics have dried Up, and trials are moving ahead with the Facts Finding Him Guilty As Fuck Justice has been FAR too slow in this Case for This Traitor. But It’s (Yes he is!) here […]

Happy Solar Eclipse Monday To all who Celebrate. The “Orange (Bam!) Anus” Just Posted an unhinged sweaty slurrin video, where he takes Credit 4 “Roe” AND Says He Wants To Take More of Your Rights away. Ha! Ohhhhhh boy Did These Criminal Traitors Not (Evil shits!) learn A THING From the Last 5 election Cycles. […]

The fly by night Unsolvent Bond the Mr Hanky posted for Orange (<-Zing!) Anus has been in doubt. And it’s now under Legal review with the fact Hanky doesn’t Actually have The ‘Amount Demanded’ By The Courts. Oooops. And, NYC & The East Coast was Hit with a Quake today. OMG! Hope All are Safe […]

Judge Cannon In The Classified Documents case is in some bad (<-Busted!) legal trouble of Her own makin’ Turns Out, The 11th Circuit has already legally admonished her badly Over Irrational Rulings & Jack Smith is ready to drop the legal hammer on her if she still (Yup!) keeps doin’ her unlawful things Oh, Aside […]

Another day, another new legal problem for Orange Felon. And (“Zip it!”) it gets Worse for “it” With Each Passing Day. The New “Stricter” gagorder/idiot already violated includes All Those Who work In the Court, The judges Daughter And you Can Be sure the traitor (Leave!) will Violate the New One Within Seconds. And, His […]

Well, Orange Criminal Put Up the MASSIVELY lowered cash (Zing!) he was demanded to $175mill Well, I Should say another big con-man “named” Don Hanky Mr. Hanky, A Literal Tiny Piece Of Shit from South Park. OMG you Truly Can’t Make This shit (Ha, sucker!) up. Poo Man gives out 0 credit Surety Bonds Subprime […]

As what’s left of the Republican Party Continues Its Decent into (Bye bye!) Traitor madness, the rest of the world & Voters clearly see them No one Wants what these racist Hateful Criminal Traitors Are All Selling. In Fact, Abortion Rights (Woman to GQP!) will be ON the ballot in FL, and in Many Other […]

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