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The SCOTUS just made Another horrific ruling today Against the (Rage) EPA Saying Now Business’s Can Pollute At will. Jeeeeeeeeeebus The Main reason they are doing this SO Quickly Is They ‘ll never hold “power” again. That is why they’re actin’ this rash. They all know, Everything is coming out About TFG, Who ‘That Majority’ […]

Turns Out, we have Domestic Terrorist Republican’s sitting in Congress and it (I got names!) is time they were Removed. We did it during the Civil War. 14 Traitors Were all removed. This is Nothing Different And make No Mistake, They are all so legally goin’ down. This not only gets worse For Them, Arrests […]

Holy Shit! They’re, ALL Going Down legally there is no escape for any of (Ooooops) them now. The quote that hurts em: “We’re going to Get Charged with Every crime imaginable-that’s not a good sign” From the White House counsel. This doesn’t get any more Damning. BUT, it Does. How about TFG “Screaming” To “Take […]

Another Ruling from the partisan shit show known as the Supreme (<-Perjury) Court. This One Tries to Destroy the separation of church & state Jeeeeez. It will backfire on them cause now ALL religions are just allowed To do it As Well. See, It Is, ALL; Or None. Take Your Pick then Live with the […]

This’s one of the darkest days in American History. Guns Now Got (Disgusting) more rights than Women. Make No mistake. This will ‘Echo’ thru Out History. And this Overreach will Bite Them in the Ass ending the Republican party. The anger in 80%+ of voters in this nation Will, ‘NEVER’ “go away”. And R’s Will […]

DOJ just issued a brand new slate of subpoena’s Yesterday to All the (“Now, find out!”) criminals who created a fake pile Of “Electors”. AND, They actually documented Their Crimes In Full detail/sending it To The National Archives. HA! They are Likely All goin to be charged at the Federal Level. And TFG Is legally […]

Senator Ron Johnson will be going 2 jail for Attempting to Submit Known (Busted!) “Fake Electors” to Mike Pence. Oh Boy. Every Republican Who signed the “Fake Electors” Will also Likely face Big Jail Time. They knowingly ‘Submitted’, “Fake Election Papers” HOLY SHIT!! This, is As Serious as it gets legally speakin. All the fake […]

TFG is so legally F’ed there is no escape. In Fact, 3 Noted Elected (Bring it!) Republican’s ALL “Cleared” The record of TFG’s lies; he knew he lost. He admitted it And, there’s new Footage That’s Even MORE damning. Ooooooooops. We are Talking About ALL The “tRumps” on cam, doing the criming. And there is […]

Well Well, it turns out that 58% of ALL American’s, Believe TFG must (<-Busted!) be Criminally Charged for his role In, The Jan 6th Domestic Terrorist Insurrection. Oooooooops. That # Is only Going to rise. I’ll predict it will Be 69% – 75% By September After Everything Comes To light & The Committee “Passes” All […]

TFG is legally undone. All those in his Close circle are legally undone (Boom!) And now, one of the lawyers doin’ More “Criming”, is Legally Fucked John Eastman, will Likely Soon be Indicted. Oooooooops. There’s no Legal Escape here; All Are Busted And All while they’re Going Down we have Peter Navarro who’s bein’ Arraigned […]

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