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CNN And FOX Douche It Up!

June 29th, 2012

Both networks, both reported the Supreme Court struck down The Affordable Healthcare Act. Why? Because they can’t read (Oh shit) Since when does the entire country now feel like Moe clunking Larry and Curly’s heads together? Well… They all said it was struck down at just after 10am. CNN broke 1st with this: (Whoopise) “The […]

The Affordable Care Act was upheld by the big “Robes Of Justice” (Nice!) Justice Roberts, Bush’s pick, was the swing vote. His logic sound I always liked that term “swing vote”. Totally sexual in nature no? “Well, I could fuck whomever I like really now can’t I? I get it all!” Look, this isn’t about […]

It’s like a drunk lecturing people about sobriety. I had more: (Call it now) -It’s like a lifetime F student calling someone “totally stupid” -That’s like a 5 time divorced man givin you marriage advice Tan Boehner said he will proceed on a vote to hold Attorney (Cry it out Cheetos face) General Eric Holder […]

The Arizona immigration law was ruled on by “The Robes Of Justice” Sorry, it just sounds way cooler than the SCOTUS. They sound more (Gingsberg’s a loner) like a new kick ass super hero team of big Shaolin Monks. Anyway…. They ROJ struck down 3 of the 4 provisions of the law. Leaving only one […]

I’d say Republican’s have collectively lost their minds, but you must have 1 first, before you can lose it. In Michigan, Republican’s banned (Nice) Democrat Lisa Brown for using the word “Vagina” on the house floor It surrounded laws and legislation by the GOP’ers to regulate abortion Which caused Lisa to say……..“Finally, Mr. Speaker, I’m […]

A women bus monitor was badly bullied by four teen boy passengers Karen Klein went viral, & the whole world saw these lil hateful pricks (68 year-old Klein) Warning, it is hard to watch. It shows a sickening level of soulless evil Hate you don’t see everyday. She decided not to press charges either Wow, […]

Fast And Fibulious

June 21st, 2012

Eric Holder if you got em. Turns out we sold guns to Mexican Drug lords. Whoopsie. They were trying to trace the guns and (WTF?) Did it. But….one of them was used to kill a boarder patrol guy Whoopsie. Well, Darrel Issa held Holder in contempt. But…. Obama used something called Executive Privilege. How many […]

But doing it Chicago style. Today it’s all about “Gays For Romney”, Mitt doesn’t “have a political career”, and Harry Reid channels his (Or “morons”) Inner hip hop gangster rapper. First, it is good to be back ready & Recharged. Second, “gays for Romney” is an oxymoron. It’d be like “Sheep For Wolves”, “Drunks For […]

Obama said the private sector jobs were “doing fine”. Wait a second? What? Less than one hour later he backtracked on that by saying this: (Shit, oops) “It is absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine,”. Then he Added “That’s the reason I had the press conference”. Oh, that’s OK He said 1 […]

Mitt’s Logic Twisting

June 11th, 2012

This fall election looks to be an epic turd swinging fun festival of shit Mitt Romney decided to open his silver spooned mouth of goldeness: (Yet, there’s time) “He says(Obama) we need more fireman, more policemen, more teachers. Did he not get the message from Wisconsin? The American people did…………………………’s time for us to cut […]

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