Fast And Fibulious

June 21st, 2012

Eric Holder if you got em. Turns out we sold guns to Mexican

Drug lords. Whoopsie. They were trying to trace the guns and


Did it. But….one of them was used to kill a boarder patrol guy

Whoopsie. Well, Darrel Issa held Holder in contempt. But….

Obama used something called Executive Privilege. How many

(Look at my desk!)

Times did Clinton use it? 14. George HW Bush? 6. Obama???

His first ever. Wow, it’s like breaking the seal when drinking

The first piss is always the best. In other news, the right, Tea

(And racist)

Party turds, FOX news droids, & GOP’ers all think Commerce

Secretary John Bryson was drunk driving. Forget he actually

Had a seizure. And forget the cops didn’t smell any booze, &

Forget he was taken right to the hospital where they draw your

(I “am” the GOP)

Blood, & forget…….well just fucking forget it. Bryson stepped

down today citing the seizure health reasons. These people are

Clinically insane. You can’t reason with insane. You can’t talk

With insane. You can’t present facts to insane. They will just

Froth at mouth loudly screaming “Obummer is a Kenyan!!!!”

Can T-Shirts Really Beat Wives?

T-shirts don’t hit spouses, fists hit spouses. It’s all so sad……

(Mullet sold separately)

The “wife beater” should be renamed the “unemployed low

IQ shirt of champions”. It just fits better. Either that or try

(Nice, buddy)

The “Tip off that I’m a fucking moron douchebag”. It’s nice

Have a day!

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