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Trump Just “pardoned” felon fraud Conspiracy lying crack pot Dinesh D’Souza. Forget that he (<-Felon Fraud!) ADMITTED he was guilty. Forget he was fairly charged and Convicted for violating Campaign Finance Law. Trump is just saying Openly that “Meh, Fuck it. Laws Don’t Matter, go break em all!!”. This Is DEADLY Serious Shit Here People […]

It Seems these days we have two very different worlds when it Comes To Facts, reality, science, (Yes, we know) Math, Sociology, Policy, ‘Government’, & Rules On side abides by the law of Physics, while the other denies they exist while it is happening in front of their Fucking Faces. They are like a kid […]

In usual prick fashion Trump even fucked up the Honor layup On Memorial Day, in Making (Talking Anus?!?!) it ALL About Him While, ‘Not’ Truly “Honoring” anyone at all. It’s so bad, I’m actually looking Forward To “The” Upcoming “Trump Is In Jail” footage. He’s Simply Terrified Knowing all the walls are Closing in fast […]

He’s Cohen To Jail…

May 25th, 2018

Michael Cohen is not just Fucked. He’s now Super Disco “Pound You In The Ass” Prison (Cohen’s pal right) fucked. Cohen, Met with A Russian Oligarch and Discussed U.S.-Russia Relations Just 11 days, Before Trump Was inaugurated as the 45th president. Ooooooooooooooooooooops Trump & Crew are all done. I told you this & said This […]

Notably Fascist League? The “Owners” Decided to bold faced Lie to America, using anal puppet (Wha Happen?!?!) Rodger Goodsmell. They Claim, “We All respect the right to players freespeech & all their social activism”. Ahem with The new rules saying you either STAND, or STAY in The locker Room says that ‘You’ Clearly DO NOT. […]

Trump and his Fellow Fuckabouts all decided it was a great idea to roll back all of the financial (We remember) regulations on all banks after they crashed our entire Fucking Economy. Holy Shit! This Is not a game. Our Country Will Have the exact same shit Under Hoover, Reagan, W Bush & now the […]

“I got caught Being Racist & that Hurt my Job” Massive racists, Who Want To inflict the MOST (<-Racist) social damage on other innocent citizens really almost Always Do The Fake Non-Apology After all Of Society, Then Correctly Uses THEIR First Amendment Right Calling them the Racist they openly stated they Were. They Don’t Apologize […]

In Trumpland, he’s Running out of Time and with walls Closing in will try the ol’ “But, but (Oooops) Obama Had an FBI Agent to get me”. Forget It’s ALL Republicans at every level right now who started the investigation: James Comey, Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, ETC. Forget, Trump lied In Claiming The Steele Doiser Started […]

Trumps pet Rudy Is not only making a mess on all of America’s rug….he’s now publicly eating it (Crypt Keeper) Yes, On CNN, he Had To Pretend That a POTUS does not ever get subpoenaed. 1st off yes they fucking Do. And 2nd, Rudy Himself SAID It For Bill Clinton 20 Years Ago Not Only […]

The lousy shits in the US Senate confirmed Torturer Gina who thinks it “Worked pretty (Love me torture!) well” Even though she’d never do it again if she promised, all while Crossing her fingers Haspel. This is a Sad Disgusting Day, which are many with Trump & His Roving Asshole sociopaths at the Helm. No […]

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