Notably Fascist League? The “Owners” Decided

to bold faced Lie to America, using anal puppet

(Wha Happen?!?!)

Rodger Goodsmell. They Claim, “We All respect

the right to players freespeech & all their social

activism”. Ahem with The new rules saying you

either STAND, or STAY in The locker Room says

that ‘You’ Clearly DO NOT. The Main Problem Is,

we Are having TWO Totally different US anthem

conversations. On One Hand ya have Select few

players usin’ the freedom of our 1st amendment

to call our attention 2 the 14th amendment and

(Peaceful Protest)

its Civil Rights / Equal Protection Clause. See, It

never WAS about Troops, the flag, Or disrespect

Those are The incorrect Views of People unwillin’

to have That conversation they are all protesting

about. It Is intentional & how Disgustingly Gross

And the NFLPA Hasn’t yet Fought Back. Look out

NOTE: Morgan Freeman Is Now An Old Perv As Well?!
Ohhhhhh Boy. That’s Why I’m An Atheist, People Who
Even “Play” Gwad Can’t Hack It. Ugh. How Gross, Sad

Have a day!

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