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Whoooooo hooooooo! At A time In this world when it Is most Dark, Tiny Rays of light shine. And in no (Must Have!) way Is This a Lock to Pass The house & Trump can even Veto it. But It Would then be a BIG campaign issue In The Mid-Terms & look Out. This is […]

To start pickin Fights with Mueller & the entire Investigation. Ha, ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (“Nuh-Huh!”) What a fucking big Collection of fidot’s. Oh that is a great idea: Harass, Abuse & Pick fights with the people about to JAIL all your ignorant asses Wow you really can’t make this […]

Cohen Busted, Again…

May 14th, 2018

It seems these days Michael Cohen is in deeper trouble with every passing day. Stormy Daniels (Oh Shit!) lawyer Michael Avenatti warned Cohen/Trump endless times after bein’ publicly attacked and Lied About /Maligned /Abused. Well, Turns out he Released Public Pictures Of Cohen & Qatari banker¬†Ahmed Al-Rumaihi Meeting For a bribe Oooooooooooops. The Walls are […]

Which for all of us White Sox Fans means this is gonna be a “LONG” Weekend. We are Not a real (Fan for life) baseball team right now. We are in month 1.3 of a full tear down Rebuild. These are the results of a Team where 70% will “Not” even be here come August […]

Seems Mike Pence is now weighing in on the Trump Russian Collusion / Obstruction ‘Case’ (“Jail Plugs!”) “In the “interests of the country”, I think it’s time to wrap it up I would very Respectfully encourage the Special Counsel, to Bring Work To Completion” Well well, now we know Pence is Involved In this shit […]

With all Walls legally Closing in on Trump why not royally fuck up our “Iran Deal” because a Fat, thin (“I know nothing”) skinned Cheeto Hates All things Obama no matter if they worked/were good? In Attempting To Undo this, Trump lied, Claiming This would Ensure Iran would not ever get A Nuclear Weapon. Ahhhhh […]

New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman is gone. Turns out the NY AG Democrat likes to (<-So Long Creep!) “Choke” & violently abuse women. Oooooooops What a vile, & disgustingly horrible piece of shit he is. Two Women came forward telling all their stories of his abuse then 2 more, with four total While It’s […]

John McCain does not want Trump at his Funeral In Fairness, no one really does cause he will grab (Sad, but still bad) all the women there by Their Pussies. McCain, in his “I know I am getting close to Dying so let me Change My Bad Record” attempt Disowns all shit Trump…..yet Voted YES […]

May the 4th be with you! (Insert stupid Star Wars joke Here). In The “You Things Are All (We know) Going To Shit When….” Category, When Fox New’s Neil Cavuto Calls Out Trump they see what’s coming down the pike. And it ends in jail/humiliation for our Country. Oooooooops Have a weekend!

Cohen, Cohen, GONE!

May 3rd, 2018

They have ‘Logs’ of Michael Cohen Speaking not only to the White House, but many other (<-Flynn, Cohen, Perry) people in Trumps crew. This, is the final nail The Legal Bar To Obtain Surveillance is Very HIGH. That Means, The court Approved of it because they already have evidence today & it leaves Trump & […]

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