“I got caught Being Racist & that Hurt my Job”

Massive racists, Who Want To inflict the MOST


social damage on other innocent citizens really

almost Always Do The Fake Non-Apology After

all Of Society, Then Correctly Uses THEIR First

Amendment Right Calling them the Racist they

openly stated they Were. They Don’t Apologize

because They Mean it, Care, see the Harm that

is Causes/Damage Or Have Remotely Changed

They haven’t. This, Is now all about Them now

And The Fact Their Own HATE’s Ruining THEIR

(Not shit!)

life. Not about the Historical harm those views

just caused so they just grasped the very real

Economic/ Social/ Unemployment/No Partners

problems this “Means” for them, so NOW they

are “Really sorry”? No, they fucking are NOT &

It honestly Makes em way more Reprehensible

It’s like having Someone Abuse Your Kid, then

when they’re Jailed Ask “Hey, if I fake that I’m

sorry, will ya let me out of Jail for that bad shit

I did?!? Cause this puts a kink in my life now?!”

(Holy shit!)

In the “Holy Shit You Can’t Be That Dumb” file

Michael Cohen, Acting for Trump, Sent a letter

to the Onion About How They Satirize Trumpy

And, MUST Stop Now. So Naturally, The Onion

fucked with them back and boy it’s so glorious

NOTE: Michael Cohen’s “Business Partner”, Evgeny
Freidman Is Singing Like A Drunk At Karaoke With
No Waiting List. Ohhhhhhh Boy They’re ALL Fucked
NOTE II: Another ‘Shooting’ Today A Guy In Stand
Off With ‘Cops’ In His ‘Apartment Building’. When’ll
This Insanity, End?!?! We’re A Country Of Madness

Have a day!

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