The lousy shits in the US Senate confirmed

Torturer Gina who thinks it “Worked pretty

(Love me torture!)

well” Even though she’d never do it again if

she promised, all while Crossing her fingers

Haspel. This is a Sad Disgusting Day, which

are many with Trump & His Roving Asshole

sociopaths at the Helm. No matter, all their

time is almost up. Clocks run out & you can

bet they will ALL be feeling the legal heat &

boy does it BURN! See, Bad Things, so very

bad Illegal Things You Do, the More you do


them, the quicker your demise comes. Time

is Up. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. It’s over

NOTE: ‘Racist’ Less Than Nothing Prick Gets
Booed Out Of A Coffee Joint. All I Can say is
GOOD. That Prick Should Be Put On Blast, &
His Name Should be found Out Yesterday So
He Can Publicly Be ‘Called Out’ For This Hate
So, We Already Have the Super Racist Aaron
Schlossberg Who Violated The Law By Using
Fighting Words & incitement on social media
Blast. Racists, Want Dark & Cover. Don’t Let
Them. If They Want to Break The Law & Just
Hate Others, They Can Deal with all Of Social
Consequences That Come with Spewing Hate
Turns Out, He Runs, Like A Pussy When Just
Asked To Address His Overt Hate. He’s Toast
Oh & Get This, He Gave $500 To………..Trump

Have a day!

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