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Unamazing Grace “Faced”

January 29th, 2015

Nancy Dis-Grace, the loud shrill lying harpy who tries to treat law like a Grade School Playground (Ohhhh shit) was at it again about Pot Legalization. So, Norm Kent from NORML(a pro-pot legalization group) explained to her that selecting isolated stories on people who did something bad while high wasn’t very logical statistically speaking. He […]

Was it a Lawyer who did it?!?! A cop, a citizen, or was it a politician, a child, or an actor? Nope! It was an nfl (“Are you kidding?”) player who finally called out Media for asking “insane” unfounded irrationally smearing leading lying bullshit Richard Sherman finally used logic to push a liar back Asking […]

Congress Is Like…

January 27th, 2015

Your older uncle who wears Raiders Zuba sweat pants to the Thanksgiving dinner table to let everyone know (They’re off dooty!) that he “gave up trying”. It is like that troubled teen in any drama where they create more big problems outta thin air than any “humans” would EVER need to solve Shit, they’re not […]

The Stroke “Word Salad”…

January 26th, 2015

I don’t type this lightly, but the rambling word salad that former Alaskan governor Sarah “Caribou Barbie” (Yes, we know) Palin gave over the weekend in Iowa was THE oddest strangest collection of words tryin’ to form a sentence She has outdone her usual, “I’m an idiot” in epic style: “Things must change for our […]

I decided…

January 23rd, 2015

This post should be funny, the post would be light (Damn straight) It will be posted just today and never later tonight And I won’t use a swear word, or politics folks say And “Why?” might you ask, it’s my birthday today Have a weekend!

It’s A Napal Brawl Y’all!

January 22nd, 2015

When you’re making a constitution, full on brawling is always a “Must Have”. That and the Human Chain (Brawl In The Family!) to prevent people from beating up others & throwing chairs. Who started the fight? Maoist politicians who wanted to Break Up the entire government into TEN different groups. Instead of accomplishing that, they […]

The State Of The Onion…

January 21st, 2015

If you peel down an onion you get the core And Obama’s 7th SOTU was by far his best (Sweet Tears!) He finally actively accepted reality, & went on about all the Progressive ideals. And he finally decided, to grow some fucking balls Will anything change? Nope. It’s fun to say shit that’s never going […]

FOX Sued, & Tea MLK BS…

January 20th, 2015

The Mayor of Paris has vowed to sue FOX Noise Let that sink in, for a moment. The BIG Bullshit (FOX IS Fucked) Bastion of Loud, Ignorant, Hate lies will pay the piper. It’s all related to the Anti-Muslim bullshit lies FOX was pumping 24-7, about fake “No-Go Zones” for Non-Muslims in France that do […]

“I Wonder If”…

January 16th, 2015

Happy Friday to you all! So, this was something fun I was playing with. You can play it with your friends (Fuck no…) It’s called “I wonder if”, where you wonder about the shit that no one in their “right minds” would ever do Here, let me start you out on it: “Boy….I wonder how […]

Steve “I’m A Jabbering Idiot” Emerson went on the BBC to apologize for basically ‘racially lying’ (“I’m a liar!”) about the demographic make up of Birmingham England claiming they were all Muslims. Forget there is nothing with that either way, if that was the case. It was not, & so naturally, came the old “Republican […]

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