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you totally know that Albert would take naps in the late afternoons. Naps are good. Shit, we make kids take em, (post spank) so why SHOULDN’T they be allowed for adults. Hell, it it really BS to get a kid used to having something soooo cool, only to take it away when we all get […]

It’s official, the old crusty TeaOP establishment is dying They are losing in every demographic, policy, & political (“Wait, I shit myself”) category. Good Ol’ “Crazy As Fuck” Pat is a staple of that Pat is really really really mad at group called Right Wing Watch for being a “nasty” organization who take his own […]

Rham wants to shut down at lot of Public Schools. Well, it seems a lot of people aren’t happy about it including a kid (fight for it kid) 9-year old Asean Johnson, stood up to the mayor, sending him a message about who he’s really hurting when closing down schools. It’s inspired, & required viewing […]

It seems that Minnesota Viking running back Adrian Peterson is not “with” gay marriage. It is not “Something he believes in” (“No thanks”) There’s nothing quite so sadly ignorant as a minority who was racially denied equal protection under the law, now using their “opinion” to support doing the EXACT same ‘thing’ to another minority […]

Come on! The DOJ is F’ED UP right now. This is Bullshit! FOX reporter James Rosen was being targeted by the DOJ (“Wait, what?”) They list him as a “leak” or “co-conspirator” for ‘reporting’ They’re trying to fucking criminalize journalism? WTF?!?! Him being a weak reporter, or trying to hide his reporting or investigative journalism […]

The boy who cried wolf, had cried SO many time, & SO often no one in the village is listening anymore. But again, they cry (“Odumer is Nazi Alien”) louder, “Wolf, wolf!!!”. Now when a real wolf comes strolling into the village to threaten the safety of the whole community the boy ignores that, even […]

Peggy walks in saying, “Hello John”. John, “Hello Noonan!” (“Ohhhhhh”) Peggy Noonan is a conservative WSJ opinion columnist. She likes to write from the POV of the “Reagan Years”……mostly because she was directly involved in the IranContra scandal What did Partisan Peggy have to say while appeasing crazy? “We are in the worst scandal since […]

There is a conservative “personality”. Let’s simply call it what it is. It is an attractive younger hot gal, spewing the same lies (taken seriously? No) as any other “conservative”. This thing is called SE Cupp, you know, like “Essie” but with the letters. After all…she wants to C-U-P. She was on an episode of […]

Star Drek-Into Snarkness

May 17th, 2013

The big movie this weekend is Mud. Oh wait, never name a film (“Vulcon-A!”) something that can compare the Box Office numbers. BUZZ, it is actually not Mud, it’s Star Trek ‘Into Darkness’ that’s the big flick of this weekend. Are you going to see it? You are? Oh good when are you going? Can […]

Bea Arthur’s tits. Yes, it was as fun for me to type, as it probably (cue old timey car horn) was for you to read it. Her baby bottle bags were both exposed Her “Golden Girls”, her “Golden Globes”, her “Sweater Hams” It’s actually way to tasteful for my needs. It’s nothing you can whack […]

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