Star Drek-Into Snarkness

May 17th, 2013

The big movie this weekend is Mud. Oh wait, never name a film


something that can compare the Box Office numbers. BUZZ, it

is actually not Mud, it’s Star Trek ‘Into Darkness’ that’s the big

flick of this weekend. Are you going to see it? You are? Oh good

when are you going? Can I go with you? Oh I can’t, and now you

are pretty creeped out by me asking? Oh, then never mind. Did


not want to go with any of you. I’ll just go & sit in the back of a

theater with trench coat & bottle of scotch by myself. No, it’s to

late, I don’t wanna go with you & your sisters cousin who is in

from out town named ‘Chewie’. Fuck it, I’m going it alone. 3-D

alone, and those are the best tickets ever. It’s all into darkness

Have a weekend!

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