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Happy Halloweinis!!!

October 31st, 2014

You know what I “meanis”?!?!?! Don’t put this between us. No it’s not time for teanis & make (Optimus Pint!) sure the grass is greenis. Yes, I’m a moron. But I’m your “moron”. If “trick or treating” tonight just remember these three important “things”: 1) No Means No 2) They must be over 16 3) […]

“Jihad Johnny Jr” Phil Robertson is at it again He cut some political ads for his nephew Zack (“I’m a bigoted moron!”) Dasher (Sounds like a bad morning Zoo DJ or a terrible porn star who can not sploog on que) “Bibles and guns brought us here, & Bibles and guns will keep us here” […]

This entire Mid-Terms is Southern Strategy 4.0 The Republican party, has NOTHING to run on, (We know!) And the Democrats are so letting them. Because they’re pussy’s, refusing to run on THE POLICY This SHOULD, fail badly. If no one votes, it will actually win, in the short term. But, the entire R party of […]

Quarantiney Meanies

October 28th, 2014

It seems that Science, medical practice, & diseases have a “Bi-partisan” slant. Both Cuomo, & Christie (FREAKOUT!) think it’s the 1st time to Quarantine people now for Ebola. Forget the CDC has suggested no such ideas Forget we’ve been through this ever loving fucking shit before even with WORSE diseases like SCARS, H1N1, “Swine Flu”, […]

The Young Turks did a funny thing today. They put out a sketch of Republican’s real message this Mid- (We know) Terms. This Sketch starts out with some best lines: “Young people, minorities, gays, & women…I know we don’t talk much, but this election we have a favor to ask. Don’t vote on November 4th! […]

Underwater Farts…

October 24th, 2014

The majesty of “Underwater Farts” has baffled and amazed man for ‘centuries’. Even from the days of (Nice) the Roman Empire, to the dark ages, and even the wild west. All knew the glory of an underwater fart Ever enjoyed the delight of a renaissance aqua poof in a powdered wig?!?! They were all enjoyed. […]

The TeaOP in Arizona decided to lie, slur, & threaten a Hispanic man who simply legally (Ben Marine) delivered absentee ballots to a polling station You can watch the entire nothing event, here What the Blaze(Beck’s lying Rag of hate) did was lie with a headline of “Surveillance video apparently “catches guy” doing something at […]

It’s very possible the Republicans can take back the Senate, & hold the House. The only reasons?!?! The (Apathy sucks!) Democrats not running policy against them, apathy, and voter turn out. If voters in America “stay home” the Republicans ‘win’, period. It so reminds me of a great saying; “All that’s necessary for evil to […]

“Smashing Bumpkins”

October 21st, 2014

When black people riot, out comes the racism on-line “Thugs”, “They’re all monkeys?!?!”, “Welfare cheats!” (Kids being kids?) So this Saturday, at the 24th annual Pumpkin Fest we saw white kids rioting, looting, flipping cars, throwin’ beer cans at the cops, & more. But why?!?!?!? Oh this “It is just like a rush. You are […]

Speaking of, “Racist Welfare Violent Fucks”, what do you suppose Cliven ‘Al’ Bundy is up too? More racism (The Moron Twins) Here’s the interesting thing about moron racists, they will always let you know their hatefully rotten racism Here’s a political ad he did with “Token Uncle Rukus”: “I know black folks have a had […]

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