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Obama, pretty much did his usual great speech. But what he did very (Elected Again?) different this time was try to frame Hillary as his 3rd term. And in him doing so, ‘undid’ the RNC. They all were ‘Bashing’ Hillary. They forgot to bash the guy who’s popular now in the poll again. Oooooooooooops He […]

History has been Made Again at the DNC. So, after Obama it’s a Woman (<-Robot Voice: “Accepted!”) Hillary is the DNC nominee. And all the Sanders supporters don’t Like it at all. They feel slighted, and Were! What was Hillary’s Reaction?!?! Not good. But it will Get Better. She will offer Progressives Policies That They […]


July 26th, 2016

The DNC has now become a funny Simpsons ‘Episode’. Where, “Party” (“Boo-urns?!?”) leaders are asking “Are you saying Boooooo or Booo-urns?”. They are saying Boooooooooo. The only real highlight last night?!?!?!?! Michelle Obama’s Speech…that wasn’t lifted from someone else. It’s not A Good sign to have Hillary’s named booed everytime mentioned. She has a lot […]

The Donkey Show…

July 25th, 2016

Hillary is raising Kaine In Philly The DNC will be holding the big (Donkey Show) convention all as their chairman Debbie “Cheater!!!” Wasserman Shultz Steps Down. What will it be like?!? One Big long pep rally Infomercial. They Best Bring All the policies they will all enact or this will “fall flat”. The difference will […]

Normally on a Friday, it’s all comedy but the RNC just ended with the king turd in the punch bowl, who is loudly floating in a frothy slog of Fear, Hate, Ignorance, And Big Fact-Free Lunacy Imagine ‘Wasting’ an Hour :15 of the Chancellor From V For Vendetta. The “substance” was: lies, fear, no policy, […]

Last Night in DiscoBatShitCrazy Land, or the RNC Convention, it (“Hey now!”) was booooo’s from above as Ted Cruz didn’t formally endorse the Drumpf. Then the Booooooooo’s came raining down. This is like a High School Hallway, Pretending to Be A Thoughtful Political Rally It’s little more than Insults, hate, Lies, Ignorance, & Puffy Ego’s […]

Dean Womer Said…

July 20th, 2016

“Fat, drunk & stupid is no way to go through life, son”. It “appears” (“Out with it!”) that Chris Christie didn’t get that Message. Last Nights Crazy RNC Dysfunctional ‘CON-vention’ Was no ‘different’. Tonight and finally tomorrow will be ‘No different’ as well. All Insane Hate Lies, And It speaks Volumes to the Imminent Immolation. […]

For Day II, the RNC will be Back peddling on every level. Donny’s (<-A Robot?) “Mail Order Bride” delivered this great Speech. However it is the EXACT same content as Michelle Obama’s Speech for 26 out of 28 words in 2008. Ooooooooooooops Is it “her” fault?!?! Nope. It is not She is a ‘pawn’, she […]

The Republican Convention, is Underway this entire Week In Cleveland. Which just (Likely They Will) means: Prepare for the Most Insane “Shit Show” on Earth. Open Carrying, big Loud racists chantin’ “USA” “Build the wall!” or “All lives matter” It’s like A Heart Disease Diabetes II amputee fat Nuremberg Rally Imagine, if you have a […]

Or, U just Playing Pocket Pinball looking for your car keys? Bonus (Tiny Time!) Boner!!!! Drones are so tiny now they can Fit in Your Pocket. That is sorta Fucked Up. Privacy is an illusion I guess. So go enjoy your weekend ‘peeps’. And remember, ‘Live’ for every moment for those who can not any […]

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