The Donkey Show…

July 25th, 2016

Hillary is raising Kaine In Philly

The DNC will be holding the big

DNC2016_donkey-logo-2(Donkey Show)

convention all as their chairman

Debbie “Cheater!!!” Wasserman

Shultz Steps Down. What will it

be like?!? One Big long pep rally

Infomercial. They Best Bring All

the policies they will all enact or

this will “fall flat”. The difference

will Be “Polices”, “Economics”, &

“Facts” versus Insults, Racism &

DNC will be interesting(Fun?!?!)

hate. This All Remains to be seen

so, Buckle Up. This’ll Be One Wild

ride either way. Let us see this all

NOTE: Sox vs. The Cubs Tonight
Look ‘Out’, This Will Be Wild Too!

Have a day!

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