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Hope Your Memorial Day rocked! It was awesome. Got to hang out (Boom!) with Family and new friends for it all. Even Almost had A BBQ flame fuck up but its fine! Also was able to Hang with my Brother Jay for a Full Day. Playing…Watching NCAA Golf At Rich Harvest Farms. It was awesome. […]

Chumps “Muslim Ban” was thrown out AGAIN. So, much, winnin’ right Trump (They did!) toads?!?!? It is an executive order with unconstitutional Animus against a very “specific” religious Group. That will not legally Stand. But don’t Expect Trumpy to Legally Grasp This Fact. He does not understand legal realities. He never did Look how many […]

There would be 23 million more Americans That Are “Uninsured” (Suckers!) Now Under The TrumpyDoesNot Care Joke Bill. This is According to “CBO”, or as Republicans Call it “Lies”, Because They All Want Fantasy to be their “New” reality None of them Actually live in the real world. Yet, they’re supposed To Make laws For […]

Evil Terror & The Slap…

May 23rd, 2017

This is horror……AGAIN. And This will one day stop. Never All together, but (Islamic Terrorism) it will be few & far between. A terror Attack at A Concert In London killed 22 injuring 100. This, will, not Stand anymore. Use every resource to spot radicalized Zealots of ANY stripe And take them down. ISIS is […]

Flynn Pleads The 5th…

May 22nd, 2017

It only gets worse from here. Disgraced Traitor Michael Flynn Just took The Fifth (What now?!?!) And it’s Because He Wasn’t granted any “Immunity”. Law enforcement normally doesn’t Have to do that when they have all The Information Already. Ooooooops Flynn will not turn over Documents and the funny part?!? The FBI/CIA/Etc likely already Have […]

Best Laxative Ever…

May 19th, 2017

Are you bound up?!?! Can’t Poop? Blue Eyes, Brown? Fret no more I have an instant laxative recipe for you (Don’t fart) 1/2 a bottle of scotch, White Castle sliders & Steven Seagal movies. You’ll be on the toilet within seconds & shitting like a Bloated Cokedup Donkey. Ahh good times, goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood times NOTE: Trump […]

The White House, Republican’s, And Trump Are Massively Fucked & They (“Shit ends now!”) must all be shitting themselves daily Former FBI Director, Robert Mueller is now The Special Prosecutor Going forward to show Trump’s Russia ties It’s also going To Focus on Trumpy’s firing of Comey to stop his Flynn lies It’s almost over […]

Jim Comey has A Memo and that piece of Paper, Along With All His Testimony (“You’re fucked!”) Under Oath, Will ‘Likely’ Take Trumpers Down For Good. If it is All Confirmed & it Appears to Be Right Now, it is time to Talk “impeachment”. He’s fucked, toast And Most Importantly, STILL Continue the Admins Russian […]

Trump Openly Admitted he released Highly Classified Intelligence, To The (Bye Bye!) Russians(Sergey Lavrov, and Sergey Kislyak) last Wednesday. Wheels are Officially Off The ‘Chump Train’ As It Barrels off the Tracks plummeting to the ravine below. Republicans are all Calling For An “Independent Special” Prosecutor To Review All Of Russia’s influence in our Government […]

Investigation. This signals the end for Orange Anus Donny Rump. It is called (Busted!) ‘Obstruction Of Justice’. Trump Will Go down, & he admitted the reason he did Fire Comey, was To “End” The Russian investigation. News Flash, All Of These investigations are still going on & most are already complete. Trump Admitted this and […]

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