Hope Your Memorial Day rocked!

It was awesome. Got to hang out


with Family and new friends for it

all. Even Almost had A BBQ flame

fuck up but its fine! Also was able

to Hang with my Brother Jay for a

Full Day. Playing…Watching NCAA

Golf At Rich Harvest Farms. It was

awesome. Thank You To All Vets &

for those served, are servin’ & now

training to Serve. Thank You for all

your service. We will never forget it

Oh, Look Out!

In “Ultra Red Districts”, Democrats

Are Now Winning, Bigly! Democrat

(She WON!)

Christine Pellegrino “CRUSHED” her

Republican Challenger in a NY state

special election. That was a big area

for Trump in the 2016 election. It is

big news. Note to all Democrats and

Donors. Progressives…Like Christine

are who ya need to run. This is very

bad news for Republicans/Trumpers

It’s Showing what Would Have likely

Happened IF Bernie Was Nominated

Instead Of Hillary. Oooooooooooops!

NOTE: Cathy Griffin Went Too Far &
She Knows It. We Can Not “Become”
The Hate We Are Fighting Against. It
Undermines Any Critical Message Ya
Might Have Had. It’s Ignorant Stupid
Shit Solely To Get Attention. So Bad!
NOTE II: This, Is Pure Violent Evil In
Mississippi, By, An Ignorant Vile Tiny
Nothing, Unworthy, Of Name Mention
The Only “Actual Citizens”, Are Those
Who Sadly Died At The Hands Of Evil

Have a day!

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