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We have a loud, racist, lying, fat Orange Toddler, holding the highest office in the (“Get down!”) land. Things have “Gotten So bad”, they hired A Young airhead PR fraud to lie to the Public about just how Ignorant he is He was told Many Times about Russia & Their Targeting Of Our Troops In […]

The SCOTUS just Ruled Abortions Are Still Very much legal dealing a crushing blow to Rumpers (Bounty Law) hateful hard right religious base. As orange ass is busy Doing Nothing to stop a Pandemic, now it seems Russia is Targeting our Soldiers in war zones(in theater) with ‘bounty’s’ on their heads WTF?!?! And ‘Fat Ass’ […]

In today’s world,you take ANY good news you can. The House “Passed” a bill where (Eventually) DC is our 51st state. Forget that’s will just die in the R’s Senate. And while This Viral pandemic has Killed over 127,329 lives of American Citizens, certain States that ALL IGNORED Quarantine, masks or enforcing the CDC Guidelines […]

Draggin’ Them All Down…

June 25th, 2020

As Florida, Texas, & Arizona Are Blowing Thru the roof with new cases. The only blue state exception (<-Dumb-asses) is California. Gavin ‘Should Have Kept’ “Shelter In Place longer. But these other Places Are simply all super disco fucked because they all have no damn leadership who enacted best medical, viral, or any Scientific/CDC ‘Practices’ […]

Barr Busted & GOP DOA…

June 24th, 2020

As COVID Spikes in States that Opened way too early; the rest of a nation looks on them (<-Frauds) shaking Our Heads. They ‘Ignored’ Medical facts, science & reality. And so, states like Florida (My daughter Is now There in Leon county at FSU where A “Club owner” called the Brickhouse is ‘open’ and spreading […]

With COVID cases on the rise In States that shit the Bed Opening Up WAY Too Early, the (<-Assholes) rest of the Country is moving to open up all their states since they did it right! All of the others like Florida, Arizona, Texas, Cali And Louisiana. Today 123,476 Deaths From this horrible Virus. And […]

In what can only be called the biggest fail since Crystal Pepsi was served at the flick (<-Maga Fail) Gigli, Driven There in An Edsel ALL While Wearing The Google Glasses. Trumps Big rally of Hate, turned out to be A little wet fart stain on tattered tighty whitey’s. The turn out was below 6,200 […]

Wow, this week seemed a lot longer then every other week. Wait, that can be said since the fat (We know) orange anus took office; as the rest of the real world celebrates our Common Goals, love And equality…in Oklahoma they want to have a big ol’ Klan Rally for Dump. And likely Get ‘sick’ […]

As COVID Kills 120,632 American lives the Republican Party / Trump All Do Nothing At (<-Let em die) All. NOTHING. Not A Fucking Thing. In Four short years, all they have brought this good country is; hate. And now today the highest court In the land overruled trumps hate yet Again. DACA Stands. It Stands […]

Republicans Do Not Think “Black Lives Matter” They DON’T; they Never Will, even when 1 of (True) their own Kids is A Minority. The Reason? They are incapable of Empathy, kindness or morality They can’t say it, because they are racists who do not actually believe they matter. They don’t ALL of them Left “Standing”, […]

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