Republicans Do Not Think “Black Lives Matter”

They DON’T; they Never Will, even when 1 of


their own Kids is A Minority. The Reason? They

are incapable of Empathy, kindness or morality

They can’t say it, because they are racists who

do not actually believe they matter. They don’t

ALL of them Left “Standing”, even Mitt Romney

Yes, because WE remember him durin’ 2012 in

his “Bitherism” durin’ his run. And the 47% he

was Referring To “Minorities” people. Doing The

right thing, AFTER you Had a lifetime to do it is

not something to Admire. It’s something to nod

(We Know)

& say “Where the FUCK were you?!?”. They will

not have a Real Answer. They are not a Political

Party anymore. They are “Racially divisive Cult”

ready to burn our Country to the Ground over a

basic equality. They hate Equality. And it shows

NOTE: New COVID Cases Spike In States Who opened Up
Early. This Really Qualifies As A Case Of “No Shit Sherlock”

Have a “safe” day!


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