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Pelosi Keeps Articles & Debate…

December 19th, 2019

The Impeachment Articles Will be sent to the Senate, ONLY When McConnell And Schumer (Impeached!) decide a rational, realistic format & the Rules are in place “Ensuring” an Impartial, fair trial Just like they did in the Clinton Impeachment It, Is A CLEAR ‘Message’ Mosscow Mitch Can’t just “Partisan fix It”, rig, or even railroad […]

Trump Has Been Impeached…

December 18th, 2019

Today, on December 18th, the 45 President of United States Was Impeached. History Is Now (Forever) watching what will happen next in the Senate History, Will Be VERY Kind To The Democrats who Conducted themselves Soberly, following the facts & the rules of the House. And history will “Remember” the Republicans as Just loud, rule […]

While Lev Parnas gettin’ a Russian Loan Made him a massive flight risk in court, the walls are (Oooops) closing in on Rudy quickly. Expect him to now be Arrested/Detained/’Questioned’ within The next 2 Weeks. Merry X-Mas Rudy boy! As this Is moving along, Orange Fuckstick Decided to puke a Tantrum on 6 Pages of […]

Holy shit! The Entire Republican Party Left standing Today can’t Seem to “Pluck” their (Light it!) heads from their Asses long enough for the “popping” sound to say Something Dumber And Their Own FOX Bubble Is “Turning” On them now. A poll says 54% of FOX viewers want Trump Impeached 50% of them want him […]

Articles Pass, Tories Big Win…

December 13th, 2019

The two Articles Of Impeachment have passed The House Judiciary Committee. This Is A BIG (“Ya lost”) Moment, In United States History. It Passed A party line vote that is historically amazing. It’ll go Down in History As “Republican’s ignored a criminal President”. This “Stain” Can Never Be lifted. And as this now heads to […]

The Republican “Shit Show”…

December 12th, 2019

As History is being made in Congress “Marking Up” the Articles Of Impeachment the entire Republican (“Oh shit”) Party is melting down in real time. They don’t have a Defense. They do got lots of partisan propaganda lies, Smears/Hate, Fallacies & conspiracy. They do Not, Fucking Care. The Only Message Republicans’ll get; VOTE THEM OUT!!! […]

UK Elections & Danger Looms…

December 11th, 2019

Ad the United Kingdom Votes today for Their General Election to actually have people who (“I’m fucked!”) represent Them; the Tory’s are In deep shit Their lead In Polling Massively narrowed. In fact, if Turnout is High today, it will be razor thin. Which Means, Based On This Model We can NOT rule Out A […]

MORE Shootings & 2 Articles…

December 10th, 2019

Another day, another senseless mass shooting AGAIN. Yes, we have Tried Nothing & we’re all (We know) out of ideas. One Police Officer was murdered & 3 bystanders; a total of 6 people were killed AGAIN. The Shootout lasted over 4 hours and at least 3 locations. This Is Pure Evil. And, yet again we […]

The FBI’s ‘Russia Probe’ has been Fully exonerated by an ‘IG Report’. This is A (We Know) Massive Blow To Trump/His Followers who shout debunked “deep state” bull shit lunacy lies. And It gets way worse from here. During this house Judiciary committee today; the two legal people who Questioned the Witnesses in their other […]

That’s it. Donald J. Trump is going to be Impeached. Nancy Pelosi just made that (“One more ?”) clear today. We don’t know yet if he will be “Removed”. That will be up to the US Senate. And With 23 of Those R’s All up for Re-election, they’re Fucked with any Vote They Cast. As […]

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