The Republican “Shit Show”…

December 12th, 2019

As History is being made in Congress “Marking Up”

the Articles Of Impeachment the entire Republican

(“Oh shit”)

Party is melting down in real time. They don’t have

a Defense. They do got lots of partisan propaganda

lies, Smears/Hate, Fallacies & conspiracy. They do

Not, Fucking Care. The Only Message Republicans’ll

get; VOTE THEM OUT!!! Until then, they Will Ally or

cheat, or be Bought by any criminal who pays them

Holy fuck! Not One, Single, Thing, That Republicans

have Said All Day, Is REMOTELY True. Start Calling

this exactly what is: LYING. This is disgustingly Evil


shit and They Must ALL be Held Accountable at the

ballot box. And how Bad did it get? Where Florida’s

Matt Gaetz tried to “Distract” by changing the topic

from Trump To “Hunter Biden”. THAT’S their Entire

plan. Distract from Trumps overt “Unlawful actions”

Well it didn’t work; and this will get worse for them

ALL The Polls Are Widening Now. And News Papers

are callin’ for Trump to be Impeached. Oooooooops

NOTE: And While This Is All Going Down, Orange Asshole
Attacks Times Person of the Year Greta Thunberg. Ha Ha
What An Insufferable Asshole. He is getting Impeached &
That, Is Destroying him Far Worse Then You Can Imagine
Tomorrow: UK Election Results, at This Moment right now
It Looks Bleak For Labor. Count Every Vote Until The Last
Right Now, The UK Elected Boris In Charge. Ohhhhhh boy!

Have a day!


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