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…comes ALMOST ELEVEN YEARS LATER (Two Jews walk into a bar…) My irony Meter just blew up We already knew all this stuff, but the National Geograpic channel interviewed him AGAIN, for reasons unknown except it’s almost the anniversary The rational choice for a leader in this case is to quietly get up & leave […]

The Rocky Mountian Way

July 28th, 2011

Republican Illinois representative & Tea Party guy Joe Walsh thinks: (Fuck the middle class!) “I won’t place one more dollar of debt ever upon the backs of my kids or even my grand-kids unless we structurally reform the way this town spends money!” Bravo, well said sir! You clearly deeply care about fiscal responsibility Well, […]

The Wu Tang Underaged Clan?

July 27th, 2011

Delightful Democrat David Wu from Oregon is “stepping down” (Wu won’t talk to you) Ok, so what is it, an affair? Sex with an underage girl? Doing coke off a mirror? An incident(sex) with the daughter of a longtime friend & donor-who’s now 18 Turns out he’s also married, with kids BANG! Two outta three […]

Primetime Douchebaggery

July 26th, 2011

Obama went on national TV last night To basically say this about our debt ceiling: (“Hey, I’m mad(ish) here) “Um, I wanted a bipartisan approach of both spending cuts & revenue increases And massive Republican assholes on the other side won’t listen to me But, um, maybe they’ll listen to you if you call, e-mail, […]

About you. They’re not even trying anymore Look at the Debt Ceiling issue that they’re balking on (Bravo!) Unless you’re a CEO, CFO, Wall Street Executive, or Banker; suck it They’re like childish sociopaths in suits only fighting for the wealthy (GOP base “eye covers”) Let’s do a “Simple Analogy Here” Dad is the Republicans(“assholes”), […]

Instead Of Reading This…

July 22nd, 2011

You could be outside doing something fun like: (It’s an option) -Stealing someone’s purse -Walking a dog -Picking your ass -Sitting in a parking space -Bathing in a fountain -Farting in your hand, then lifting it to you nose -Punching Billy Ray Cyrus -*Insert your idea here* Shirley Sherrod suit news against Andrew Breitbart on […]

Wait, sorry, my bad, I totally read that wrong… It’s actually the “Gang of six” who are now working on the debt ceiling (Saxby & Biden separated at birth?) But who are they? *Drum roll, then loud booming voice over a stadium PA system* For the Democrats you got Dick Durbin, Kent Conrad, & Mark […]

Migraines won’t impede her performance as President of the united states (“Give me $, choot-spa!”) It’s the “brain matter” AROUND them that will My good friend Mike Ostrowski said: “She gives them as well as gets them” As of late, she’s been the Santa Clause of “giving” Obama Doesn’t Want To “Debt Ceiling Dick Around” […]

Pie to the face! We have a pie attempt to the face! (The ol’ shaving cream pie) The pie-throwing attacker is a comedian who calls himself Jonnie Marbles For serious? No, really? A “British mobster comedian” with a pie? I expected something  a bit more “mobby”. A clown named “Mr. Jingles” uses a pie As […]

“Won’t someone think of the poor wealthy people?!?!” (“Um, this seems odd”) They don’t have a debt plan. They have a “cut entitlement programs” plan It’s not really a “plan” so much a political tool to get what they want While claiming to seek a balanced budget (Sucker!) By placing it on the backs of […]

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