“Won’t someone think of the poor wealthy people?!?!”

(“Um, this seems odd”)

They don’t have a debt plan. They have a “cut entitlement programs” plan

It’s not really a “plan” so much a political tool to get what they want

While claiming to seek a balanced budget


By placing it on the backs of the poor and middle class

Leaving the top 3-5% tax cuts, and Corporate loop holes in place

These people are like reverse Robin Hood

(That can’t spell)

They rob from the poor to give to the rich

But who elects these turds?


Oh right, I forgot

USA USA USsshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhit

The USA woman’s soccer team lost a nail biter World Cup match yesterday


In the shoot out. Dammityville horror. One thing I’d like to see:

When the men get a goal they take off their shirt and do the knee slide

All I’m asking for is a “sports braless” slide. Great job ladies

I’m Herman Cain, And Towns Should Be Able To Ban Mosques

Asked whether a community should be able to “ban a mosque”

Cain replied: “Yes, they have the right to do that”

(Hey, no mosque for you)

Really? You sure about that? Oh, freedom of religion is now subjective

Neat. Where does he come down on Buddhism, Judaism, or Catholics?

Does it depend on the weather, or how he’s “personally feeling” that day?

He went on to say:

“Look, I know that there’s a peaceful group of Muslims in this country.

God bless them and they’re free to worship”


Nothing like a minority, trying to discriminate against another minority

Stick to making mafia pizza Mr. Batshitnuttybuddy

Have a day!

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