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Upcoming Comedy Series With PBS/WTTW Channel 11
A comedy series deal has been secured with PBS local Chicago. It will also air national over the PBS Ap and other affiliates. This is an amazing opportunity with an incredible partner in Public Broadcasting. This show will likely be shooting in the Spring of 2021 and airing Fall of 2021 due to COVID19. Buckle up kiddies!

Pitch To HBO
Our good friend Patti Vasquez and her writing partner Jim Hayes of Pooka Productions are pitching a pilot to HBO. The script has already been pitched, HBO likes what they see, and now it will pass through the final layers of development. The show is called “Mulligan”, and follows the life of Chicagoan Katie Mulligan who’s life hasn’t exactly turned out like she planed, so she’d like a “do over”. John’s currently attached to this project and is very excited to working with Patti again!

Bolger talks with Bob Odenkirk
Bob spoke with John about his upcoming Disco Demolition film, which looks like it’s going to happen! He asked John to help add local Sox lore by adding characters into the script from that night. Get ready for older brother stoner’s name Ray, side-by-side Farrah fawcett replicas, cheesy mustaches, bitchin’ Camero’s, and drunks galore! This film honors the idea created by Bob with long time Sox fan, and good friend Jim Zuelivic, who tragically and sadly passed away in January of 2006.

Bolger in feature film Eden Court
You will be able to see John in a very fun scene with Reno 911’s Tom Lennon, and Chappelle Show’s Christian Finnegan, as college meathead jock West Fitzwell.
This film, directed by Chicago’s own Paul Leuer. It was just picked up by MGM for distribution in 2021! Wow! To keep up with the film you can check here at IMDB:


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