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Every so often, a Republican holding office slips up & accidentally tells the truth when they think (<-Human dog shit) it’s to “Their People”. Like One did on FOX Here The next Dauphin in line for a tiny shred of their Republican Speaker Power, Is A “Sleeze” Named Kevin McCarthy (Joseph McCarthy ring a bell?!?) […]

Planned Parenthood Hits Back…

September 29th, 2015

It seems the Republican Run house wants to put on a “Shit Show” of their own these days (“WTF?!?!”) R-Utah Chairman Jason Chaffetz, Thundered away at the head of Planned Parenthood who is Cecile Richards. They created False Claims such as, “Harvesting Fetal Tissues For Profit” This is Untrue. It is a lie, & has been […]

“Boehner” Goes Limp…

September 28th, 2015

Republican ‘Speaker Of The Nuts’ is stepping down. He’s done with that (“Cheers fucko!”) shit Show from the Front End. And, now he goes to the Shitty Sausage end. He will Become a Big Lobbyist Or “Mega Buck Money Whore” as I like to call em. Why did he leave?!? Would you Rather: A) “Pretend” […]

Fart Friday…

September 25th, 2015

Today is all about “Fart Friday”. There are (The Ass Voice) so many different styles, kinds, and classes of that blast from your ass. Here are a Few: -The Turd Rumbler(A thick berrap) -The Squirrel Squeaker(Tiny squeek) -The Bazooka Butt Burp(Loud boom) -The Juicy Shit Shacker(Classic wet 1) -The Anus Annihilator(Hard quick force) -The Mud […]

New Republican “Shit-Down”…

September 24th, 2015

Can Republican’s govern? No, no they can not. I say it because look at their bodies of (Is this 2013?!?) work over the last 15 years. W Bush was a serious failure by any Objective Standards Iraq debacle, 9/11 occurring, NSA creating the Patriot Act, Torture, Deregulation, Tax Cuts (Crippling The Middle Class), and The […]

Pope Is Dope & CE-Blow…

September 23rd, 2015

The Pope-A is a coming-a, to-a the White House-a (Use hands in large (“Air High 5’s!”) over sized gestures all Italian style) The White House readys for his big arrival. And now, you can expect, a massive “Freak Out” from the Right Wing Hate Machine. Today…..that’d be the entire Republican Party now The Pope already […]

Matthews “Iraq War” Denial…

September 22nd, 2015

It seems MSNBC’s Chris Matthews doesn’t remember bein’ a cheerleader for the Iraq (You lose!) War. On Real Time With Bill Maher He Did this gallin “Hey bud, I was against the war” to an ‘actual’ Journalist Jorge Ramos, back on Friday. He gave Jorge a class in Revised History, on subjects he never did […]

Down Goes Walker…

September 21st, 2015

Time to take a hike Scotty Walker You know, take a long Walker, off (“So long suckers”) a short pier. He ‘dropped out’ just moments ago & he will have a Big press conference PR Scheduled in Madison to explain. His poll #’ers were like Teens Pants At Any Pool Party; dropping early and so […]

Super Boners!

September 18th, 2015

Sure, ya see them from time to time. That’s high school (Angry Teen Boner) dance, & you were way to close to her crotch. BAM!!!!!! Bonertown, population; YOU. Maybe you you are just a teen kid waiting in line for food, & gets an “Angry Teen” stiffy. A pool chub, or the majestic, “Presidential boner” […]

The Fact Free Food Fight…

September 17th, 2015

If you watched the Shit Show that was the 2nd Republican debate last night; you saw (Jackass Train) grade school in-fighting, no facts or reality and no Journalism whatsoever. It was this fact free food fight “WWF Style”. No Facts were presented. This entire Thunderdome was solely to gain Ratings/money for CNN Forget that aside […]

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