New Republican “Shit-Down”…

September 24th, 2015

Can Republican’s govern? No, no they can

not. I say it because look at their bodies of

Government Shutdown idiots(Is this 2013?!?)

work over the last 15 years. W Bush was a

serious failure by any Objective Standards

Iraq debacle, 9/11 occurring, NSA creating

the Patriot Act, Torture, Deregulation, Tax

Cuts (Crippling The Middle Class), and The

Financial Meltdown/Great Recession of ’07

Did they take ANY responsibly for that?!?!

Nope just blame the half black guy on day

ONE. And do “Everything” to Obstruct him

Little League Your Kid sucks(Republican’s?)

at every turn. It is NOT ONLY that they do

us HARM it’s they Will BLOCK Anything to

ever help. That is truly the definition of an

evil on society. They can’t Govern, So now

they threaten a “Shut down” over their big

newest toy Planned Parenthood lies. Why?

Because fuck it, they refuse to ever govern

and only serve their Donor Class of the 1%

Pssssssssssssssst and we ain’t in that class

John Boehner(“I suck dong”)

Now, some “Republicans” are upset at this

TeaOP Insanity. But, Their Donors Created

this monster, & now they are being Beaten

Up by it. Go Reap what you sowed fuckers!

2016 looks to end these big Know Nothings

NOTE: Big USC Campus ‘Ignorant Bigotry’
RIP: Yogi Berra Was The ‘Best’ In Baseball

Have a day!

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