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Happy Halloweenis!

October 31st, 2013

Boo! Be honest, I scared you didn’t I? Yeah, I’m terrifyingly scary So, what are you going out as for Halloween? The Toxic Avenger? Cool. What’s that? Oh me? I’m going as this for Halloween today (Noooooooice) Yes, I’m a nerd. I full fledged super mega fucking nerd. A big ass Nerdy Nerderson. At least […]

the roll out for the ACA Exchanges has gone about as well as AOL’s big (“Um, not good”) server traffic problems in the 90’s. It is about as “pretty” as a drunk fat college kid on ice skates with his pants at his ankles. Fun to watch, but you don’t want to be on that […]

Rubio’s Cube Fail…

October 29th, 2013

TeaOP’er Marco Rubio wanted “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”. It was going to be his big “let my Republican values lead the way to show you all it is (“I’m all mixed up”) possible to doing great things together”. How did that work out?!?!? Um, well, it seems he is now “blocking” his own bill, & running […]

It seems North Carolina needs to stop voter fraud. TeaOP’er Don Yelton decided crushing voters rights, cause “one of his best friends”, is “black” (“I’m fucking racist”) If this is a part where you’re doing something & publicly cringing reading this; it gets WORSE. He spews racism like anyone else who is racist and loving […]

It seems the roll out of Obama is a little bumpy. By “little bumpy”, I mean (well no shit) “Aw shit, they don’t have enough severs for the demand here”. Well, so it is clear demand is there, but now they must meet it. Wait, didn’t they get like three years to get this right, […]

Daley’s “Total Unrecall”

October 22nd, 2013

It seems Chicago’s former Mayor Richie “Himself” Daley has a real bad memory. Not just for specific things, but pretty much “always” (“I said, ‘Forget you’”) He was asked to give a deposition about all the business happening while in office. Every answer went from, “I don’t recall”, to “I don’t remember”,  to “I don’t […]

The Bombastic “Uncivil” War

October 21st, 2013

The TeaOP’s currently going through a massive Uncivil War with each other It seems Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Jim DeMint, Bachmann, & now Darth Cheney (that’s ODD) think the government ShutDown was, awesome! In fact, they’re ready to do it all again. They are STILL going after ACA/Obamacare. Holy shit!!!!! I have seen more intelligent […]

Things We “Should” See…

October 18th, 2013

I thought a lot about this list. By “a lot” I mean this morning while taking a modest dump. Here is a list of things we “Should” see around, but don’t (I KNEW it!) -people window shopping for windows -cute dogs with helmets driving go carts -Bullfights ending by agreeing to disagree Now pick some […]

Shit, They Learned…NOTHING

October 17th, 2013

The shut down is over!  Finally! The Senate Republican’s did the right thing. Yes, I typed that. It was the RIGHT THING to do. It’s about time (“Shoulda faught harder!”( Our economy isn’t a fucking game or toy to screw around with. So now, it’s very clear, that MOST Republican’s on the hard right learned […]

Looks like it. “Tea Turds” all waited way too long stopping this insanity. It was created directly by the “House TeaOP crackpots” who ALL did this for, (“I said good day!”) NOTHING. They get nothing, they LOSE, good day sir! Now leave you ass! Let’s all be CRYSTAL clear now: this should not have EVER […]

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